Property Virgin March 2010

Hi all,

Alhamdulillah.. finally Property Virgin for March 2011 been published..
sorry it takes few days for this month's featured article of Property Virgin to be published. It is all my fault.. for taking a long time to edit the photos and the article.

Ok, this month, we are very happy to have blogger ctfarazila with us.. Hm.. actually from the early setup of this blog, I have her opinion and support with me.. and also from Haruki too.

Ctfarazila for me is a local auction queen... we are so proud to have a great lady focusing on auction property in Malaysia. Read the article, and you will know why she jumps into auction rather than the other market. Enjoy and Happy reading ya!


Nickname: Ctfarazila
Gender: Female
Marital Status : Married
Age on the first purchase: 25
Year on first purchase : 2004

What is your first property?Where is it located?
Putra Intan Condominium. Located at Dengkil.

Is it for own stay or for investment?

Have u studied on property investment before the purchase? How?
No. Not really. I just believe what the agent said. He said the property is in Cyberjaya...very strategic location etc.

What makes you decide to buy it? can u tell me the stories behind?
The main reason is I don't have to pay 10% deposit. It is 100% loan. The property is 70% completed at that time and i believe buying property can always make profits.

Did you encounter any problems or difficulties for the purchase? What and how it resolved?
Yes. Very big problem! The project is abandoned for almost 6 years. Luckily. somewhere in Oct 2009, another developer takes over the project and successfully makes the condo completed after a year. In fact, I just got the key of the house on last month from the new developer. After calculating, I find out that I have paid about rm40k to the bank since 6 years ago...just because I don't want to be blacklisted by the bank. ~ Sigh~

Is it your dream house? Why?
No. Because i love landed property.

After the purchase, what's next?
I feel very disappointed at that time. In year 2005, i tried to buy a property from auction and i won the bid at my first attempt. Wahhh!!
After winning the auction, I run out of cash. Hm.. auction actually needs a lot of cash u know :)
In 2007, i met personally Certified Financial Consultant to restructure all my financial commitment, make some savings and start refinancing to get some capital to buy more properties. Then, in 2008 I decided to be a real estate negotiator specialising in auction property and focus my property investment profile from auction market too.

From Aug 2008 till April 2009 (in 9 months), i managed to buy 4 more properties from auction market and it is really worth it. So, in total, i bought altogether 5 properties from auction market which are under market value and all have been rented out immediately with positive cash flow. Sadly, my Putra Intan Condo project was still abandoned.

What is your advice to all property virgins and home buyers out there?
If u're really interested to buy your first property, buy the knowledge first. I have to pay rm40k tuition fees from my first lesson. It's really painful but, as Dr Peter Yee said, property is always forgiving. I do not regret it.

Anything else to add-up?
Auction can save thousandssss.... :)
I am glad to help u if you are really interested to buy one property through auction market. You can just contact me via email -, sms/call @ 012-3459450 or
yahoo messenger id: InsyaAllah i will reply the soonest possible.


2 ulasan:

Haruki berkata...

Thanks for sharing Fara, may u continue to get great opportunities from auction properties!

Farazila Wahab berkata...

Thanks Haruki :) same to u too!


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