Last Saturday, I went to Sunway Pyramid to be part of the Sharing Session by World Vision, Malaysia.
It is an international NGO focusing to help poor people all around the world.
Actually the most attractive factor to come is the ambassador for the 6th year of the Child Sponsorship Programme.
She is my all-time favourite, sweet and living legend, Francissca Peter.

She was there to raise awareness on CHANGE A LIFE, CHANGE YOUR OWN Campaign focusing on the Child Sponsorship Programme and Gift of Hope.

For the Child Sponsorship Programme, we can sponsor a child in poor countries such as Indonesia, Lebanon, Vietnam and few other countries to provide them basic necessities such as - clean water, better nutrition, health care, education and economic development for their community.

We can choose whether the child is a girl or boy and we can get his / her annual report card for the whole sponsorship programme.
And it does not cost much.. only RM50 per month per children.

yes, for only RM50 we can change somebody else's life.

See the women on the above picture? the one sit the left side? Her name is Mrs Phua Siew Ling.
As a cleaner, how much she earn every month? not much, rite.
But she is sponsoring child too.

The lady next to her.. She sponsors 42 children.. wahhh

Hm... I remember my friend and I noticed one chineese old lady. She looks very old..60++ i guess.. with basket at her hand and a very simple wear.
She sat and listening to Kak Fran's performance. I guess she is one of Kak fran's fans.. just like me.. hehehe.
Then, when Kak fran mentioned and reminded all audience to go to the counter to contribute something, she wake up.. and yes, she put some amount in the jar there..
That moment, i was so touched...
what a kind-hearted person..
she may not have enough money to comfort herself but still she wants to help others.

Honestly, i had a great time with the living legend and with my friends who also hard core fans of Kak Fran.
can't imagine Kak Fran and her sister cum manager willing to invite us for a chat and drink.
really great, man!
Believe me, Kak Fran is so sweet and humble.. and loving too.
Hm.. she demonstrates to us that we dont need to act like a superstar.. even if we really are..

Ok ok, back to the child sponsorship program...

I told you about the GIV jar right? this is how the GIV jar to be used.. to help others.
we live not for ourselves... part of what we get today is somebody else's right.
They are the less-fortunate people.

RM50 is not enough to repair a wiring problem or plumbing problem for our properties but for them, it is a miracle.
It able to help them out of poverty or disease suffering due to inaccessibility to clean water and nutrition.
Why not use the small amount of money we get from the rental surplus to them, rite?

You can read more about this program from the website

By the way, if you love her voice, she already released her collection of solo albums from Komputer Muzik 1984 until Setinggi Angkasa in a limited edition boxset.
It can be bought at music store nationwide.

Now, lets enjoy Francissca Peter's performance on the great evening.
She sang the official song of the campaign, titled as Tomorrow.
The song is the theme song for The International Aid Organisation, World Vision Malaysia, written by her and her sister, Bibiana Peter.

Photos: credit to avrilliza,, suhaima and :)

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Matjoe berkata...

sumbang kepada anak yatim yg lebih memerlukan.

i wonder from that amount that we give, how much went to the organizer.

i remember 'makna' punya derma, those individu yg sign him up akan dpt certain percentage

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

anak yatim... orang miskin. mereka memang lebih memerlukan..
tgk juga, kalau anak yatim tp parents tinggalkan harta banyak tak layak la pula kan...

saya pernah apply kerja as MAKNA punya fund raiser pd thn 2003. sbg fund raiser yg bekerja bermatian berjalan ke hulu ke hilir, kami dpt contribution bulan pertama sahaja as our gaji iaitu pada wkt tu adalah lebih kurang 30 lebih utk sorg penderma. mungkin company akan ambil sebulan lagi and the rest pergi ke MAKNA. saya percaya WWF pun buat style yg sama.

tp world vision yg saya tulis ni, mereka bukan fund raiser. mereka adalah NGO yg buat program tu. mmg ada part of money yg mereka collect akan digunakan utk operation of the organisation itself.. ye la.. nak bayar sewa premis.. promosi kempen.. but the will keep it as low as 16% je dr duit sumbangan.

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

World vision is an organisation recognized by United Nation ana UNICEF. They are one of organisation who will be gives help to those countries in war or having natural disaster. World vision international will come in bringing food and medical supplies and then they will set up temporary schools and squatters for people.

This organization does not get any fund or assistance from the government of Malaysia. They collect the fund by themselves.
To maintain the operation cost low, kak fran told me that they have only a small in kelana Jaya. Most of the staff are volunteers or, if paid, their salary are very low.

Child sponsorship is not you adopt a child. It is different. Here, we help the child to get nutrition, clean water and education through community center set up by the organisation in their place.

Put it this way, if we want to help children in malaysia, its ok.. go ahead. what a kind effort. but if you want to help people outside the country who suffer poverty, natural disaster or war regardless of their race and religion, I believe Allah will rewards us with lots of goodness. Local people or not, the most important is our intention to help.


Liza @ Adzriel AB berkata...

so touching... tears in my eyes!


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