Villa Tropika- out of stock sale

Villa Tropika is an apartment in Taman Tropika, Sungai Tangkas, Bandar Baru Bangi,
Situated just about 5 km from UKM.
Nearby the area are German Malaysian Insitute, Twintech College and ESSET.

Villa Tropika is built on a freehold land.
compared to other apartment in the same area, this one is a gated and guarded with CCTV and smart card security system.
There are two types:
- Type A 870 sqft 3 bedrooms and 2 bathromms
- Type B 1109 sqft 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

There are 2 free covered carpark for each unit.
The maintenance fee is rm0.10 per sqft.. it is cheap, rite?
It is expected to be completed on December 2012.

The deposit is only rm500 and that's all. Everything then will be covered under your home loan.
So, it is very suitable for newbies or people with small cash (i always fall under this category...)
Free s&p, free loan legal free if you apply the loan through their panel RHB bank and free stamp duty.

Developed by MCT Homes, the same developer for Green Villa, Taman Tropika and 162 Residency.
I guest it is so obvious that they always come out with unique products at such potential location.
So, this kind of package does not surprise me.

Actually this project has been put in sold since middle of last year and actually has been sold out.
However, as usual, there are cases where the buyers unable to secure any loan, thus need to cancel the booking.
Luckily i came across this news and at the same time i have been motivating one of my officemate to invest in property before she get married.
you know, this is girls' things.. Women need a security in our lives.
so, buying a house before we get married and maintaining it ourselves able to secure our future simply because it won't be treated as matrimonial property if anything happens to your married then.
at least, if your husband become other people's husband or the worst if your husband kick you out, you have something on your own to rely on financially.
that is why i keep on motivating girls to buy one, even low cost unit, before they get married.

so, since there are 3 units left because of the loan rejected, last week, my officemate successfully booked one unit of type B.
Priced at rm163K after all the discounts.
Paying rm500 only as the deposit suits her well and she is now applying for the loan.

Looking at the current rate for low cost apartment in Sungai Tangkas at about rm600 - rm650 for the 1st and 2nd floor, i am positive that villa tropika able to fetch at least rm800 -rm850 rental price, especially when she put washing machine and fridge inside.
Anyway, congrates to my friend.
I hope this will not be your last investment.
I pray the best for you, girl!

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