Neocyber JMB 3rd Annual General Meeting: 2 hot resolutions

Today I received notice of 3rd Annual General Meeting for Joint Management Body of Neocyber.

the meeting will be held on September 22, 2012 at 10 am
venue is at Multi Purpose Hall , Domain @ Neocyber.

when i read the agenda of the meeting, i fee that there are a number of dissatisfaction things

Resolution to increase the maintenance fee from 23 cent per sqft to 37 per sqft for Domain and from 25 cent persqft for Domain 2 to 37 cent per sqft too.

Hey, dont you think this is too much?

actually 23 cent is a new rate passed by JMB.
previously, before JMB establishment, developer charge 18 cent per sqft only.
JMB in their meeting, increase it to 23 cent.
now they want to increase again?

and one thing, before Domain 2 got vacant possession, we can manage Domain's facilities and common area with the old rate of 23 cent.
so now we have to share it with residents of Domain 2 in one or 2 months, we will also share it with Domain 3
so, supposedly the cost of maintenance per unit will be cheaper since it is now funded by more unit.
but, why it is in the opposite?

besides, the facilities there is just swimming pool, gym, hall, surau, public washroom.
no sauna, no Jacuzzi, no tennis court, no badminton court or whatever luxury.
just a basic facilities for a serviced apartment or condominium.
so why need so much money?

actually the maintenance not really superb but boleh lah...
i notice twice that the washroom for ladies next to swimming pool a bit dirty and not maintained properly. 
there are few times i want to pay maintenance fee but the system down
then for my sister's unit, according to the system, one water bill in 2010 still outstanding
funny because the management office have the payment receipt but they cannot ensure their HQ to update the payment.

Travelling Allowance to the commitee members

JMB meeting want to pass resolution that provides travelling allowance to all committee member who attend the monthly meeting.
woww.. monthly claim?
 hm.. this resolution makes me wonder, is the proposed increment of maintenance fee is partly to cater this fund?

Based on these issues, i do hope all my friends and readers who own a unit in Neocyber can spend their precious and limited time to come to the meeting.
let us make sufficient inquiry before they simply pass these resolutions.

but if you are agree with these things, its ok not to come. hahahahaha

ok, let me give yoy the details of the meeting again.

the meeting will be held on September 22, 2012 at 10 am
venue is at Multi Purpose Hall , Domain @ Neocyber.

See u there :)


6 ulasan:

Haruki berkata...

Anie, I am not around on 22 Sept lah. I appoint you as proxy can or not?

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

nicole, can can...
but you need to fill in teh form, the pass it to me and i sign. then i submit to teh office next week. for my sister's house, i also become the proxy

sitiezahim berkata...

eee teruknya. mentenance skarang pon dah tinggi...then nak naikkan lagi. pastuh free2 nak bagi claim kat orang..huhu

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

mm.. tu lah.. tinggi sangat la nak naikkan ke 37 sen. sangat tak padan..

Masayu berkata...

I'm one of the JMC member and since last yr I been questioning them about the service charges increment but since not many Domain owner there majority have voted to increase. So pls pls come to AGM tomorrow and question them. I can't attend coz I'm on bed rest :(

This time the management again take easy way to solve their problem. Their major problem is that they can't manage to collect service charges from all the owners. And now to solve their headache they want to charge higher so they don't have headache to go collect from the debtor.

About the JMC allowance it is becoz hardly to get all the JMC member to attend monthly meeting to decide issues in domain.. The chairman suggest allowance to encourage the JMC attendance

Unknown berkata...

Rohaniah, I would like to contact you to find more details about the situation on domain. Pls email me at thanks.


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