0 is the best, avoid 1, 2, 3

can i write something heavier today? hehehehe

2 main criteria for bank to evaluate when they want to approve your loan application

1) affordability

2) reliability

affordability is how afford you to service the loan. i shared about it here

reliability is about how confidence the bank feel that you are a paymaster.

reliability is evaluated based on Central Credit Reference Information System or CCRIS record.
CCRIS is a centralised credit record by all banks and / or financial institution under Bank Negara database.

it keeps 12 months loan repayment record for each loan you have.

it shows the name of bank, the amount of loan, the status of the loan and the most exciting thing is the indication number whether you have outstanding payment or not.

if you pay the loan before the due date, it will show 0

if you have 1 month outstanding, it will show 1

if you have 2 months outstanding, it will show 2

and it continues

so, what if on march 2011 you have 1 month outstanding, then in april also you dont pay anything:
it will show 1 for march and 2 for april because in april, it already 2 months outstanding

what if on may you settle may's repayment but leave the 2 outstanding unpaid?
it will show 2 on your may record. because you still have 2 outstanding

then what if on june, you got company bonus and pay all the 2 months outstanding PLUS june's repayment?
it will show 0 on your june's record.

do you get it?

ccris can be printed through ccris kiosk at bank negara office in KL
you need to bring your ic and your thumb along
so cannot pass to your friend to bring it la.. unless you able to pass your thumb :0

last time, a friend very excited to buy a house
her salary is eligible to buy a low-cost house
she was very happy because the flat is on a golden location and the rental rate is damn great

she only have 1 cheap car loan and she very sure she pay every month and no outstanding
however, i advised her to check her ccriss first since she never do so.

so she spent time and went to bank negara
what a shock to see that her ccriss is full with 1 1 1 1 1

she called the bank to clarify what happened
then the bank told her that she pay regularly but keep on paying it after the dateline
her car loan repayment dateline is on 21st each month
ignorant to this date, she pay it once she get her salary on 25th on each month
this means that every month she pay late

i feel so sorry for her
but what to do...
if she submit the loan, they are possibility bank will reject her loan

so what she need to do is to pay the outstanding and make sure she pay before the dateline on the next coming month
and let the record clean for at least 6 months
then only she can buy another property


moral of the story
not only pay your loan without default
but please ensure you pay your loan before the dateline

if you want to get loan easier, be a paymaster like below :)

kredit gambar Bank Negara: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bank_Negara_Malaysia.JPG

2 ulasan:

Unknown berkata...

so far akunyer ccris record pun semua masih 0... hopefully kekal macam tu.... aku manage terus SI and loan aku pun majoriti kat satu bank jer... bank yg masuk gaji.

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

wakif, alhamdulillah maintain 0. senang nak leverage utk loan seterusnya


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