Symphony Park deposit refund

Are you one of those who already booked Symphony Park and has informed David Kan to cancel your booking?

If you have done so, please do not rely solely on David only.
He might be too busy to entertain your call
or he might be too busy to check whether your check has been out or not.

Please consider to call the Luxstar office too
their office phone number is 03-7983 0815, as informed here.
talk to Miss Choi

Because from my experience, my check has been ready since last few days but David keep informing me that i have to wait.
Get to become pissed of, i go to the management office itself
and walla! my check has been ready
even though it is after 4 months of the cancellation, but still ok

Luxstar insists to collect back your original receipt before they can release the check.
So, because i dont bring my original receipt at that time, i have to make a police report saying that the receipt has been missing.

Now the check has been cleared and i get my money back.
i check at the list, there are few of my friends who cancelled at the same time and their check also ready to be collected.

i have shared photos on the site visit in February 2012 here
the site has been abandoned
the show house has been abandoned
the land which has been cleared one time ago now full with weeds.

Dato' Tan Yiew Lai

however, i still hope this project will continue because it is indeed a most needed for lower income group or local students with lower budget in cyberjaya.
Whatever difficulties that Dato' Tan Yiew Lai and his team in Luxstar face now, i hope it can be settled and overcomed.
I also hope no political interfering on this thing
no unethical thing will occur
because affordable house in cyberjaya is what our prime minister has promised in bajet 2010.

so why you forget, Dato' Najib?
in case you forget your promise, please reread it here

Do you really think 'melayu mudah lupa'?
sorry it is not me.

2 ulasan:

azizan berkata...

apsal projek ni tak jadi eh?

PR1MA cyberjaya katanya suku pertama thn ni...still tak dengar cerita...terpaksa jugak beli kat salak tinggi...takut lagi mahal...huhu

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

azizan, kenapa projek ni tak jadi? tak berani nak cakap sebab saya pun tak pasti. dengar satu pihak kata, ada developer lain nak tanah ni sebab kalau buat kondo harga 250k, jauh lebih untung. ada satu pihak lagi cakap, developer ni yang tak subit document lengkap. jadi tak boleh la nak keluarkan permit. tapi saya ada dengr projek ni nak sambung balik. harapnya begitula..

PR1MA lebih gebang je..


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