she got the key!

yesterday my old friend, KS get vacant possession for her very first property.
all i can see from her yesterday is smile, smile and excited.

she is my universitymate and was the best residential college manager we have
previously she worked in penang
but now she already here in cyberjaya

last time she also joined us attending Lend A Helping Hand 2011, the charity property talk.
she is indeed a very good and supportive friend of me

signing security card form
 After talking to me about her plan to buy a house, she bought domain 2 in 2010
one and half years waiting for the development progress
and now, taraaa!!!! the key handover is happening now

the park

lift to the park

i can say, emkay builds domain 2 very fast
if i am not mistaken, the construction works start towards the end of 2010
means, only one and half years to complete, instead of 3 years expected under Housing Development Act

the original plan is to hand over the key on February 2012
but then the top management of emkay wants it to be done at the same time with the launching of their final block - Domain 5

so yesterday i join her and her future husband (congrats too!) to get the key and check the house

yes, i know normally people really excited to have the key for their first house
when you just enter the house, you feel like want to scream out loud
"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Finally!!!!!!!!!"

lift lobby on the 15th floor
yes, i know that feeling because i have the same feeling too before
then you very excited to see the rooms, the toilets, the kitchen even the electric plugs location in the room until you forget one thing -> inspect any defect in the house.

either you forget or you don't know, but normally the developer person who brings you to the house will help you to do basic checking.
example: is the number of electric point for lamp and aircond enough?
or  the number of electric plugs is enough as in the s&p?

but you as the owner need to inspect more.

check, among them:
- is the painting works done nicely? any dirt on the wall? any small area unpainted?
- knock all the tiles. hear the sound. if there are any back portion between the tiles and the floor/ wall not filled with cement, you will hear a sound like empty space behind.
- check the tiles, is there any scratch or any broken anywhere even a small one
- check the toilet, the sink and the shower-> is the water flow through smoothly. is there any blockage in the piping? is all the water tap function?
- check the toilet flush. can it flush properly as it supposed to be?
- check the window aluminium frame. is there any scratch? is the glass or key affixed nicely?
- check the wall. is it straight? look from the side view. look at the sun lighting on the wall. is there any dark spot? dark spot or uneven lighting on the wall can show you that the wall is not really straight.

the room

there can be any other things that i cant write everything here.

but one more thing that you cannot spot the defect that time is the wiring for the lights and fan/ air cond.
you can only notice them is there are any when you fix the lights, fan and air-cond.

write every defect you see on the form provided.
i really recommend you put something to mark the defect, like a masking tape with number or with X
this way, the developer's contractor will find it easier to find where the defects are.
but make sure the mark can be removed or cleaned.

in yesterday's case my friend use her lipstick to mark it :)
luckily she brings accompany who can help her do the inspection
we just found 5 minor defects.
so, not a big thing la..
i have experience worse than this :)

to KS,
congrates babe for your first dream house
welcome to the world of landlord.

facing swimming pool

this house, she bought it at the price of 180K
one room, 600 sqft
already have a tenant waiting to move in for RM 1500 rental price for basic fittings.
she plan to do just grille, kitchen cabinet, put water heater and fix lights and 5-blade fan.

i tell her, that is good enough already because she dont need to compete with the other units there.
she can save the cash for her wedding
then later, when this tenant move out she can fully furnish it and rent it higher.

my friend so excited

wohoooo.. i simply love the smell of new house.

4 ulasan:

Azas berkata...

memang seronok waktu dapat kunci...tambahan pula first time... satu perkara yang tak boleh saya lupa adalah check rumah waktu hujan lebat, terutama rumah teres.... semak kalau ada tirisan

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

azas, haah.. tu pun penting. taknak kalau hujan, air masuk. kita ada 12 bulan ke 18 bulan waranti untuk cek dan buat aduan dengan segera kepada pihak pemaju. so jangan lah berdiam diri sahaja.

sitiezahim berkata...

info yg bagus..unt isi dlm karangan kat atas tuh (:P) dan komen reader tu (pasal cek masa hujan)..btw mmg syok masa dapat kunci, masa cek umah, fuh fuh :)

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

sitie, haaaa.. ckp je la blog i mmg bagus. hahahahaa....
tu lah.. dpt kunci rumah mmg rasa seronok giler. rasa berbaloi sgt penantian kita selama ni kan


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