Domain 5 Neocyber

EMKAY just launched their last block of Domain Apartment series in Neocyber, Cyberjaya
It is called as Domain 5

As the others, Domain 5 is a freehold apartment.
There are 3 types of layout.

Type 1 >> 419 sqft
2 bedrooms 1 bathroom
Price starts from RM 220k
Fully furnish

Type 2 >> 579 sqft
3 bedrooms 1 bathroom
Price starts from 290K
Fully furnish

Type 3 >> 831 sqft
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Empty unit

if interested to book, you just need to pay rm 3k
There are discount of 10% given, meaning that you dont need to pay 10% as the deposit.

Special for bumis, they can get another 7% discount
Thus, during the vacant posession, the bumi buyers can get a check for the 7% discount paid by the loan

For this project, the panel financier are UOB, maybank and MBSB
MBSB come into the picture specially for those who already bought 2 houses before and still under mortgage.
This is because MBSB willing to give 90% loan but with rate of BLR- 1
UOB and maybank can give up to BLR - 2.4

At the time this article written, all type 1 which is the smallest units are already sold out within 3 days only.
But you can call the developer for confirmation, in case there are buyers who cannot secure a loan

How good Domain 5?
hm.. so far looking at Domain, the rental yield for the developer unit buyer are damn great.
I shared lots of domain stories here in my previous blog and also here in this blog.

Domain 2 is going to have vacant possession too soon
hope it will be a sucess story to the owners too
but people start talking about possibility of over supply in cyberjaya in 2013 since a few new project will be completed.

I cannot predict anything, Now is 2012 and i dont have a magic ball or a magic mirror to tell me the future.
so, i also wait and see :)

Ok, back to Domain 5
i have visited the show house for type 1.
the same furnishing is to be installed for type 2, but with 3 bedrooms.
you can watch it here

if you interested, please call Kenny 012-6694319, the salesperson from EMKAY
tell him that you book under introducer named rohaniah  ya!
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