symphony park site visit

yesterday i managed to visit the construction site of symphony park

for those who do not have any idea about this project, better let it be
for those who interested, these are pics taken yesterday

construction site - can view cyberia smarthomes from here

construction site

show house abandoned

drainage already done
actually there are about 3 lorries and 1 tractor on the left side of the construction site but i dont dare to go deeper there

i really hope this project will resume as it bring hopes to local students and local putrajaya workers who really need affordable place to stay

to the developer, LUXSTAR, please do anything you can to make this project a success

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3 ulasan:

dzirhans berkata...

Rohaniah.. I read dekat myrealestate n lowyatt forum projek ni actually x dpt approval..betul ke?

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

hm.. dulu mmg belum dpt approval tapi status terbaru saya tak pasti

azizan berkata...

rasanya dah yg byr deposit pun dah dpt refund


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