even though i am short, but the nst editor still accept the photo

saturday 17 December is a big success...
managed to collect RM 2, 723.75

The charity talk even got coverage in the New Sunday Times and Harian Metro.
this is something we didnt expect at all.
we do this honestly to contribute something to those in need by manupulating our knowledge and experience.
but i can expect that i will appear short and sweet in the photo.. hahah.. poyos

Thank you for my Property N Co fellas-> ctfarazila dan nicole
Thank you very much to AE and en Esa too
and very proud of participants and contributors of the fund who pay the seminar fee, but AE's ebook and buy Ho Chin Soon's book sold by en Esa
especially to my member-main-parit, ismawati,
to my univmate ->khairini and kak rozie, thank you for your support.

Last, thank you to all sponsors, matjoe, siti hajar, khairie
to representative from www.majalahniaga.com and to NSTP Charity Fund itself.


This is the article in New Sunday Times
The original post is here

(i think me and fara look cute too.. tak lah kalah sgt dengan cik reporter, aisyah.. hehehe )

Bloggers hold seminar for charity

18 December 2011 | last updated at 09:38am

Bloggers hold seminar for charity

KUALA LUMPUR: Three avid bloggers held a seminar at the International Youth Club yesterday to help raise funds for charity.

Rohaniah Noor Jahron (left) organiser of the charity seminar and fellow organiser Siti Farazila (centre) (centre) handing over a cheque to NST reporter Aisyah Sulaiman for the NSTP Charity Fund while fellow organiser Siti Farazila (centre) looks on, at the International Youth Club, in Bandar Tun Razak Cheras.

 The company’s co-founder Rohaniah Noor Jahron said it was the first time they had organised decided to hold a seminar that was purely meant to raise funds.
 “The group was set up in February and we have held seminars before on property and investments.
 “But we wanted to do something that would help others apart from providing them with talks and training.” she said.
 She said they chose the NSTP Charity Fund after reading about it.
 “We thought it was a good channel to lend our support to and the money can be used accordingly for anyone who needs it.” she said.
 The group managed to raise RM2,723.75 from attendance fees including the sale of both print and online books by fellow bloggers, Md Esa Rosdi and through www.abangensem.com.
 Property N Co is the brainchild of three friends who wanted to share their knowledge and love for property with others.
 The women have their own steady jobs apart from their own blogs and domain name.

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sitiezahim berkata...

hahha..lain kali kene bawak stand merata2 la..baru berdiri sama tinggi..:P

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

kan.. kena standby la mcm ni...

pak wan berkata...

hehe anda sudah glamer :)

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

ojah, hahaha.. belum belum..


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