Sentul Prime

I got an information from Sentul Prime's sales team.
Block A Sentul Prime still got unit for sale.

It is a new development project. Total of 6 blocks of service apartments on a 10 acres of land. Estimated about 200+ unit per block. Each of the service apartment unit will be a corner unit & each floor will have 8 units (tentatively).

These are the brief project details:

Name: SENTUL PRIME Mall and Service Apartments
Land : about 10 acres (to be opened for sale in few phrases)
Title : Leasehold
Type : Condominium/Service Apartment
Size : from 800+sqft to 1000+sqft
Price: from RM300+/- per sqft
Discount: 5% Bumi discount
Booking: RM5,000.00
Location: right opposite of 1Sentul Condominium (within 6-7km to KLCC)
Developer: Platinum Victory Development Sdn Bhd

The available units as i get the info last nite are:

A-7-5 @ RM303k (1009sf) - Boulevard & Swimming Pool view
A-7-6 @ RM262k (856sf) - KL City skyline view
A-7-7 @ RM303k (1009sf) - Boulevard & Swimming Pool view
A-8-5 @ RM304k (1009sf) - Boulevard & Swimming Pool view
A-9-7 @ RM305k (1009sf) - Boulevard & Swimming Pool view
A-15-6 @ RM270k (856sf) - KL City skyline view
A-21-6 @ RM276k (856sf) - KL City skyline view
A-22-6 @ RM277k (856sf) - KL City skyline view
A-23-6 @ RM278k (856sf) - KL City skyline view
A-23A-6@ RM279k (856 sf) - KL City skyline view
A-29-6 @ RM310k (1009sf) - KL City skyline view

The agent told me that the prices above are still the developer launching price. No incremental price yet.
On november 2011, they are going to launch the remaining further in 2 blocks (Block D & F) with much higher price.
normal lah kan.. hm...

So, if anybody interested, please contact the agent directly at 012-2191622
or e-mail :

Good buy or not, i cannot give a good comment because i do not do site research.
But rm322 per sqft for the 856 sqft unit sounds ok for that location, especially if you want to buy for own stay and are working at KL city center.

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