Go Go Green Turtle

i am one of the donor for WWF for their animal conservation programme especially for malaysian tigers.
it is for more than a year already.

Just now, i got a phone call from WWF, asking if i am interested to take part in the Green Turtle conservation programme.
If yes, from my current contribution of rm38, i need to increase it a bit to rm40 per month.

I love turtles and i care for them.
The additional rm2 is too small for me but i know it means a lot to them.
It gives hope to all endangered turtles all around the world.

Go Turtle.. live your life.
You are a cute green creature.. patient, loyal and with courage.


3 ulasan:

sitiezahim berkata...

teringat pada donatello rafael dan lain2 kura2 kak anie yg dah berkubur tuh...huhuhu

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

huhuhu.. itu kisah sedih... huhuhu

blog-tips-kurus berkata...

sayangi mereka.. :)


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