Attention! I am looking for property at least 80% below mv

Calling all owners and agents.

Do you have properties for sale at least 20% below market value?
at least medium cost apartment, not low cost ones which come with restrictions.
If certain flat without restriction, then no problem also la...
Price 70K - 110K around KL, PJ, Kajang, Bangi, Old Klang Road, Puchong or Shah Alam
with good rental yield.. at least 7.5% and above.

If you do, please inform me because i am seriously looking for one property for my sister.
She wants to buy for investment.

Actually i helped her buy one before. it is a new under construction.
Happy with my investment pick, she wants me to help her to buy for another one.
actually i already booked one, also a new project at a good location.
but since for that project, the panel financier does not provides islamic loan, my sister have to cancel it.
her principle is: Islamic loan only.. or else, no deal.
what a good and respectable principle.

So, i need to find a different apartment la..
Looking at current situation and her loan pre-condition, i believe buying subsale unit is better.
So, i start to look for subsale now for her.
On top of looking for advertisements of apartment for sale, i think it is not wrong i advertise 'apartment wanted', rite?

so, if you have any, you can email me at and i will reply the soonest possible.

Thank you.

** before i end up this entry, i want to dedicate this songs to my beloved sisters who support me all the way to become a property investor and speaker, and who join me to do property investment..
even though i need to do the research and dirty works by myself for them.. hahahaha....


4 ulasan:

Mohd Aslam berkata...

Kalau ada saya pun nak.. Tengok pada tajuk bawah 80%... wohooo.. Kalau la ada kan..

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

yes.. try shoot kan.. mana tau ada yg kena, ada agent dtg offer property dia.. hehehe

sitiezahim berkata...

sister tuh sapa?? kak ina?? i pon support u ape..sob sob sob

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

sitie, termasuk you lah.. cuba baca betul2.. kan i tulis sisters tu... plural. maknanya kak ina, sitie dan itah la...huhuhu...


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