Today is the last day

my dear friends
if you really want to know the secrets, tips and technique my friends and I the property investor do in our property investment, please join our sharing session on 9 and 10 july 2010.

we got ctfarazila in the house
we got nicole ong in the house
we got rohaniah noor in the house
we got special session with abangensem too
they are very good property bloggers who are not kedekut in sharing their experience in their respective blogs all this while
and now they want to share it live to you

what you need to do is just to spend 2 days with us and what we gonna share you can use it for the rest of your life

oh, we got early bird promotion that will expire TODAY.
do grab the promotion while it lasts because we cannot assure you this kind of session will be reorganised after this.
afraid we need to restructure it.

so, act now.

call 012 3775966 or email (Sara) to register

or go to for more info and registration

lastly, i wanna share my favourite song from a movie 'Brave New Girl'.
I just love the lyrics and it will motivate me when i feel tired.
Enjoy friends


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Ahmad Syahrir berkata...

haa ape lagi reg la guys


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