Final message from a CEO

i am now reading the book of Get Rich Faster by Azizi Ali.

it is a great book for those who want to get involved in info marketing.
what is info marketing? hehehe.. better get this book.

Actually i already bought this book on november 2009 at Azizi Ali's office itself during his office open day.
so, i got a good discount plus azizi ali's signature and a great 1 hour talk session with him.
but due to my busy schedule and the line up of unread books on my book shelf, only now is this book's turn. hehehe..
sorry mr book. you need to wait 1 and half years... thank you for your patience.

ok, what i wanna share here is just a simple final message by Sunny Tan's former company's CEO, shared in this book.
By the way, Sunny Tan is an online marketer who has successfully received 6 figures gross income.
He is interviewed by Azizi Ali and featured in this book.
Before Sunny Tan left the company where he worked before, Sunny asked his former CEO what is the secret of success that brought him to where he is now. Mr CEO said that:

1. You must have goal
2. You must believe in yourself
3. You must work hard to achieve your goal.

now i am gonna keep this secret in my mind and stick to it.

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