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A reminder for all readers.
If you want to learn about property investment, from A to Z what and how to buy, how to rent out, how to sell and how to invest in auction property, instead of reading few books, we have one solution for you.
Come and join us at Proeprty & Co sharing session


It is packed with info and technical know how.
It is not only games and games
It does not show concepts only
It does not contain any 1 hour or 30 minutes product marketing lecture
It is full of info and tips

We will give you teach you how to read Proclamation of Sale
We will teach you how to read and what terms to take care of in the Loan letter offer
We will teach you how to read S&P and terms to take care of
We will give you sample of tenancy agreement
We will teach you what terms in the tenancy agreement that you need to take care of if you want to customise it
We will teach you how to provide your own Offer to Purchase form
........... AND A LOT MORE..............

In this 2 days, you will feel regret if you want to excuse yourself to the washroom except during the break
because you know you gonna miss a lot of info
can't believe?
read this

This is a review by our previous participant.
Hey, we are not paying her for this review...
in fact we really thanked her for this
hm.. i guess we should invite her for makan.. hehehehe

OK friends,

come visit the minisite

We also got one more surprise...
As in previous session, Abangensem really support us and would like to join us as participant.
But hey, he is not supposed to sit in the participant chair.

So as an appreciation to him, we invite him specially for this session, to appear for a sweet 2 hour evening with him.
He will give a talk and also to appear in a panel session for Q & A.
Does that sound great?

Hm.. not only you all, i also get nervous because this is going to be my first time 'bertentang mata' with him...
all these while just email and thru FB only.. hehehehehe

OK, early bird discount will expire in 4 more days.
pay before or on 19 june (this sunday) and you will enjoy a great discount.
only RM388 for one person or RM358 for group booking of 2 and above

come visit the minisite

To register or any enquiries, you can contact sara :

012 3775966 atau emel (Sara)

Hope can meet you there..


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