Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition

today I, with all respect and honour, would like to invite you to join us take part in the petition towards animal cruelty in Malaysia.

Today cute kitten has been abused and killed by someone of us and the government do nothing.
Astray dogs are killed in public even they di not disturb and cause harm to us... and that is from the order of local councils.
There are cases of horses and tigers too... abused by we people.
Punishment for animal abuse is so outdated.
Enforcement is zero.

We people and animal are God creatures. So each one of all the creatures has right to live peacefully and safe on this Mother Earth.
So, why must we abuse or disturb other creatures' right?

So, please lets join me sign this online petition.
We want a better Malaysia for all.
We want to show we are the loving Malaysian.

- Eun Young,

Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition: "

Animal abuse is increasingly rampant in Malaysia, with senseless abuses and killings by local councils and cold-blooded people. We must act NOW, and act FAST.

Let's play a role in stopping animal abuse and cruelty! We aim to collect 50,000 signatures ASAP and present it to our Prime Minister.

Please sign the joint online petition by leading Malaysian animal welfare NGOs, and show how much you care about the animals. Spread the word to your friends too.

Together, we can make a difference.

Sign Petition Now:


2 ulasan:

Haruki berkata...

Thanks for this, I have joined.

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

thanks haruki for joining me and the rest there in the petition. hope more will come forward.


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