Sentul Prime

Happy Labour Day, Friends!

Few days ago, i got an early notification email from a sales developer saying that there are a new project starting to receive booking soon.
it is called Sentul Prime.
There will be a total of 6 blocks of service apartments on a 10 acres of land. Each block will consisits of about 200+ unit. Each of the service apartment unit will be a corner unit & each floor will have 8 units (tentatively).
The developer plans to open 1st block (phrase 1) for booking.
It is on a freehold land. Situated near 1Sentul.. so near to LRT station.

Name: SENTUL PRIME Mall and Service Apartments
Land : about 10 acres (to be opened for sale in few phrases)
Title : Leasehold
Type : Condominium/Service Apartment
Size : from 800+sqft to 1000+sqft
Price: from RM300+/- per sqft
Booking: RM5,000.00

If you interested, you can call Nick at 012-2191622 or email him
I just put the info here for your info.

Can read more discussion on the project here

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