Mandarina Court

I got an info from a developer salesperson saying that there are limited units for sale in Mandarina court at Taman Connought.
The apartment is ready with CF.
all available units are of 780sqft.. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
The price range from RM 192k- 220k depending on which floor it is located.
The developer for the project is IJM, a reputable developer.

Hiow good it is?
looking at thelocation itself, it is good location. there are UCSI nearby.
Taman Connought also have a very high population. so the demand to stay is not to be doubt.
It is just, how high the rental rate will be?
surely not a negative cashflow.. but how positive it is?

i realise the property price has been increasing from time to time as the development progress increasing too.. a normal scenario for a new development property.

Booking is 2%. upon signing s&p, you need to pay the rest 8% deposit.
no discount anymore available.. whether bumi discount or late bird.. nothing. huhuhuhu

more discussion, read here:

2 ulasan:

Jack berkata...

salam Rohaniah,

saya berminat dgn projrk ni, bole sharekan no SA tu? Thanks

my email:

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

boleh call 0123888606 alex


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