Unipark condominium is now full house

that is the only word i can say..

at last the unipark condo is full house. The last rooms has been tenanted by an iranian KLIUC student at an acceptable rate.
Hm.. actually it is a very long story for this condo to be full.
Almost rented by a chinese brunei student.. whole house but later cancel due to mutually consent between the prospective tenant and the owner who is my good friend.
The prospective tenant, even already paid booking of 1 month,h want to cancel because her son found one room for rent.. so no need to rent the whole house. The owner, on the other hand got an offer to rent at higher price. Unfortunately, last minute, the new prospective tenant also cancel.
It gave me hard time actually because i need to rent is ASAP thinking of the trust the owner put on me...
Yes, i have to say i can manage even until 10 properties of my own with a peace of mind but I feel a very big stone on my head for one property of my friend's.... huhuhuhu

bla bla bla.. lots of things happen that makes me propose to rent by room and my friend agreed..
then bla bla bla... one by one tenant come moving in..
last the 3rd rooom.. aiyaaa.. very difficult..
people come visit and go.. and want cheap price.. but my friend does not agree...
bla bla bla again..
at last!
one iranian guy.. handsome.. nice looking and gentleman.. come and willing to rent at a good price..
actually got one more yemen guy want to rent at a lil bit higher price but with a friend.
since i think it is tedious and involving another cost to buy one more single bed and mattress, we agree to offer to the iranian guy...

now, deposit has been paid. He already moved in.
because i left the agreement at home, i just need to send him the tenancy agreement and get signature from him.
after get signature from my friend, i can take a very loooong breath for this unit.

(hm... 4 tenants in the house... 2 handsome... hm.... not bad... )

7 ulasan:

Matjoe berkata...

awesome! dah penuh dahhh

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

matjoe, haah.. alhamdulillahhhh

Haruki berkata...

Wow, tahniah!

abang ensem berkata...

Diorang tu ensem macam saya ke?? heh heh heh

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

haruki, terima kasihhhh

abang ensem.. diorg laaaagi hensemmm.. hahaha...

sitiezahim berkata...

haha apa lagi selalu la buat buat call, tanye derang ada masalah tak? haha :P

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

hahaha.. tu la.. tp kena bgtau la.. nak deal dgn yg hensem je.. hahahaha


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