iProperty Seminar 2011

Starting from this Friday, iProperty Expo is coming again all the wayyy
Location : Mid Valley.
Dont know yet what developers and projects will be there but if you want to catch up with the latest new projects, this is the place you can come.
There will also a free seminar for you to attend but please register first at their website.

Hm.. quite interesting.. especially if you have not been to the seminar before.
Because for a free set, you have a chance to meet Milan Doshi, Dr Peter Yee, Ho Chin Soo and few other property taikos..
I am not sure about this time but last time, the topic of the seminar is exactly the same as the previous ones...
So, since i have been attending it, i feel like dont want to attend it anymore.
That is why i said, the seminar is good for first timers... a new topic, a new experience for you, rite...
But for the exhibition, of course la different projects everytime.. unless that project is so slow in sales... hehehehe

i think i will be there too on friday morning since i am taking one day leave...
Got to go to Kak fran's secretary week's show on the aftenoon... wahhhhhh

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Rohaniah Noor berkata...

hm.. mcm tak sempat je nak ke iproperty nih.. sempat ke tak eh.. nnt lambat ke dewan yg ada kak fran tu.. sempat ke tak sempat eh...


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