The pioneer session successful.

19 and 20 March 2010, Property And Co has been succefully organised a sharing session on How to make money in property investment: a Fast Track. It is held at International Youth Center, Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

The speakers are as announced earlier: Rohaniah Noor, Siti Farazila and Nicole Ong. All are bloggers in property investment. Sharing are in their blood.. real estate investment are their passion. What else to be doubt?

Here in Property And Co, we belive in a real experience sharing.. and we believe in delivering the information and tips.. pure of them. In these 2 days, the 3 speakers presented different topics but all of them are compulsory in the making of a hero in property investments. We neither have session for product promotion nor time consuming games that do not deliver much info rather than joy. Our session was so packed with tips, information and technical know-how that makes the participants think that the money paid are so small compared to what have been shared.

Besides that, the session can bee seen as successfully gathers property investment beginners and experienced too.. from various age, background, race and both gender. Yes, we are very thankful to see majority of them are ladies.. which normally minority in another property seminar. Wahhh.. we rock, girlss...

Sara, one of the participants gave us a shock when she came out in front and gave few words before the session officially closed. Her words was so touching and honest.. reached the bottom of the heart of the speakers and the organiser.
Yes, we want to share valuable knowledge here to be manipulated by the participants in order to upgrade their financial status... and a recognition like this is not expected but so memorable and inspiring.

Enjoy few photos taken during the 2 days.


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