Landlord homes in on ‘missing’ house

This is an article i found very interesting..

tuan rumah ni sewakan rumah dia.
sekali dier dengar, rumah dia dah 'hilang'.. dah tak ada.
Dia pun pergi la jenguk.. rupanya memang betul.
Apa yang tinggal hanya tiang, kayu yang dah pecah-pecah dan tv yang dah rosak.
Binaan rumah dah tak ada.. aduhh...

mari saya copy paste artikel di sini ye untuk anda baca.


KANGAR: The owner of a double-storey wooden house who went to the house in Kampung Bakau here to collect rent from his tenants was shocked to find that his home had mysteriously “disappeared”.

Twenty-four concrete pillar holders, pieces of scattered wood and a damaged television set were all that remained of his house.

The wooden walls and pillars of the house were all missing. It is believed the main components of the house had been dismantled or disposed of.

Zuria Ali, 30, said he was shocked to see the entire house structure removed. He even lost his furniture, cutlery, cupboards, a dining table and a refrigerator.

The house, which he inherited from his parents, is about 60 years old.

“I estimated my losses to be about RM30,000,” Zuria, who now lives in Perak, said.

“I had heard that my house had vanished and was curious to find out the truth.”

His neighbour, identified only as Ah Kiung, said he saw three men and a trailer arriving at the house last month.

“They dismantled the house in early February,” he said.

“I thought the three were carrying out the dismantling work on instructions from the landlord. I did not suspect anything until he (Zuria) asked me about it.”

Kangar OCPD Supt Abdul Rahman Mohd Noordin confirmed receiving a report about the “missing” house.

2 ulasan:

sitiezahim berkata...

huhu penyewa dia terlibat ngan along ke ape?

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

huhuhu.. tu la yg diherankan tu.. dasat sungguh sampai mcmtu sekali..nasib baik kita beli apartment kan.. mustahil rumah kita berlubang kat tengah2... hehehehe


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