Happy women's day

Hey, yesterday is The World's Women Day..
Happy women day.. even i am late a bit but still better late than never kan...

I am proud to be a woman.
and yesterday The Star came out with 100 memorable malaysian women.. wahhh.. so inspirational.
3 of them are my very favourite women...
1 of them you can guess.. it is my Francissca Peter.. she always prays and hopes for a better world with love and compassion.. sending message from her songs and when she interacts with her fans.
the 2nd one is a great film director, Shuhaimi Baba... i miss her films.. her films always about women and how they fight for their life.. hm.. still waiting and waiting for her new films.
and the third one is Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan.
She was the president of Malaysian Bar Council and is a great lawyer an activist especially on judiciary issues, human rights and democracy.
Bar Council was so brave in fighting for the constitutional rights when she was sitting on the president chair.

Wow... I respect them.

and the other 97 women.. they are gorgeous.

My concern is, from my observation when attending property seminar or having chat with my property onvestor friends, i think the number of women, especially malay women doing property investment is still small.. compared to men.
i dont know what is wrong. but most malay women tend to just interested to buy 1 property for own stay.. which is supposed a responsibiity of her husband.. and that's it.
or.. maybe they just generously share the pay slip with the husband to join her name to buy one. or. do nothing. raise children and leave everything to fate.
while, the men outside there are saving money, invest and invest..

i am not saying that men cannot do that. It is good..
but.. hey women.. please catch up!
We have been great as engineer, accountant, doctor, lawyer.. but why not as property investor?

OK, for all women out there..
if you interested to do property investment but dont know how to start
we have a sharing session in property investment by 3 women.
They are going to share you the real tips and technique for 2 days.. 8 hour per day excluding lunch break.
if you know how much the knowledge actually valued, you know this is something not to be missed.

Check this out

Hm. but the session is not limited to women only la.. men also welcomed.
i just want to burn the fire inside the women here.. hehehe..

Ok women! cheers and keep on fighting for better tomorrow!
Care for others.. dont kacau other women's happiness haaa... suami orang jangan kacau..

2 ulasan:

sitiezahim berkata...

hihihi las tuh tak tahan..:P

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

hehehe... tu pesanan dari penaja.. ahahahaha


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