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this sunday.. where to go?

do you still have no idea where to spend your weekend?
or maybe you already got smething in your mind but still not sure yet to go or not to go.
how about contribute something for charity...?

ok, here is the info for a charity event.
this sunday 3 april 2011, there will be Hope and Smile Japan Tsunami and Earthquake Charity Fundraiser at Stadium Jugra, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
or in Malay, Kutipan Dana Amal Hope and Smile (Harapan dan Senyuman) Gempa Bumi dan Tsunami Jepun di Stadium Juara, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
There will be Dato' Lee Chong Wei at the exhibition to play a charity match and will also auction off his winning shirt and racquet, which he used in the final All England against Lin Dan.
Psstt pssssstt.. the handsome Taufik Hidayat will be there too... Both of them will be in the match. hehehehehe

There will also a show by local artiste.. guess who... my favourite sister, kak Francissca Peter.. yeaaayyyyy!!!
Kak Fran is not a strange name for charity events. Maybe because of her true heart and compassionate for others.
Ticket for the show is only RM10... what an affordable price.. especially when the proceeds will go to the japaneese who are suffering now.
The show will start at 1 pm until 5 pm. Kak Fran's performance will be at 1.45 pm. I am not so sure what time is the Dato's match.

More info can read here


dont forget to contribute for charity yeah... what we have today is somebody else's.

now enjoy a great remake of P Ramlee and Saloma song, Gunung Payung by Roy and Fran.


kasi settle semua...

hm.. saya nak refinance rumah saya di vista angkasa.
bank lama, alrajhi dah advice lawyer saya, kak hazlin utk bayaran penyelesaian pinjaman lama.
yg bestnyer al rajhi ni... tiada lock in period. so walaupun baru beli tak sampai 3 tahun, saya dengan tidak bersalah refinance rumah ni tanpa dikenakan penalti.. hehehehe

alrajhi suruh saya settlekan cukai pintu, cukai tanah dan maintenance tertunggak sebelum boleh tutup buku pinjaman tu.
cukai tanah mmg tiada masalah sebab mmg bayar kat JMB kan. cuma cukai pintu dan bayaran maintenance sahaja la kena settle.

jumaat lepas dah settlekan bayaran maintenance.. so tinggal cukai pintu sahaja nak kena settlekan segera.

Pejabat JMB Vista Angkasa. entah kenapa saya nampak kerani tu macam muka blogger ctfarazila... kerani tu ada bakat kalau jadi adik dier.. hehehehe

Domain Neocyber: Sesi mendengar bantahan

This is an important announcement from one of Domain Neocyber owner.
My friend has lodged a protest towards the annual assessment value of her Domain Neocyber which will determine the quit assessment annually. Currently the local council evaluates it as rm6k per year, causing the quit assesment to be RM400++.

Regarding the complaints and protests, Majlis Perbandaran Sepang will hold a special session to hear the objections from the owners on 2 april 2011, 1.00 pm at Bilik Mesyuarat Semarak, 4th Level, Majlis Perbandaran Sepang office.

Hm.. actually for owners, this assesment is too high considering the property is a residential property.. not a commercial one even though it is built on a commercial land status. At the time of the project approved by the local council, the Housing development act is not yet amended to cover residential property on this type of land....That is why the project is a serviced apartment with a non-standard S&P as for the residential property.

Hope the rate will be lowered.

For those owners did not yet submit the protest, you may do so through the website: http://www.mpsepang.gov.my/home
Go to the bottom left, click on e-aduan.
Registration is required so you need to register first to use this function. Then you can lodge the protest online through e-aduan. Please submit your protest and hopefully you will get an invitation to attend the session too.

sesi mendengar bantahan

calling all owners of domain neocyber, especially those who already lodge objection towards the annual assessment value of the property which will determine the quit assessment annually.

Majlis Perbandaran Sepang will hold a special session to hear the objection from the owners on 2 april 2011, 1.00 pm at Bilik Mesyuarat Semarak, 4th Level, Majlis Perbandaran Sepang office.
one of my owner friend receive the invitation letter as inthe image below.

Unfortunately, i cannot attend it due to another commitment at KL, 2.30 pm... huhuhuhu
But i really hope those who attend it can fight for lower valuation as our property is still a residential property.. not a commercial one even though in commercial land. At the time of the project approved by the local council, the Housing development act is not yet amended to cover residential property on this type of land.... huhuhuhu

For those owners did not yet submit the protest, you may do so through the website: http://www.mpsepang.gov.my/home
Go to the bottom left, click on e-aduan.
Registration si required so you need to register first to use this function. Then you but just submit your protest and hopefully you will get an invitation to attend the session too.

The pioneer session successful.

19 and 20 March 2010, Property And Co has been succefully organised a sharing session on How to make money in property investment: a Fast Track. It is held at International Youth Center, Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

The speakers are as announced earlier: Rohaniah Noor, Siti Farazila and Nicole Ong. All are bloggers in property investment. Sharing are in their blood.. real estate investment are their passion. What else to be doubt?

Here in Property And Co, we belive in a real experience sharing.. and we believe in delivering the information and tips.. pure of them. In these 2 days, the 3 speakers presented different topics but all of them are compulsory in the making of a hero in property investments. We neither have session for product promotion nor time consuming games that do not deliver much info rather than joy. Our session was so packed with tips, information and technical know-how that makes the participants think that the money paid are so small compared to what have been shared.

Besides that, the session can bee seen as successfully gathers property investment beginners and experienced too.. from various age, background, race and both gender. Yes, we are very thankful to see majority of them are ladies.. which normally minority in another property seminar. Wahhh.. we rock, girlss...

Sara, one of the participants gave us a shock when she came out in front and gave few words before the session officially closed. Her words was so touching and honest.. reached the bottom of the heart of the speakers and the organiser.
Yes, we want to share valuable knowledge here to be manipulated by the participants in order to upgrade their financial status... and a recognition like this is not expected but so memorable and inspiring.

Enjoy few photos taken during the 2 days.


The sharing session is a big success

Last Saturday and Sunday, Property And Co has been succefully organised a special sharing session on How to make money in property investment: a Fast Track.

Held in International Youth Center, Bandar Tun Razak, the session can bee seen as successfully gathers property investment beginners and experienced too.. from various age, background and race.
I like that.. i like variety.. i like the harmony of living in malaysia.

In the 2 days, 3 speakers present different topics but all of them are needed in order to be a hero in property investments.
We shared about strategy, tenant management, flipping must-have techniques, auction properties and financing the property too.
It was so pack with information.. the important information an investor must have.

In the 2 days, we gave the participants all the tips, dos and donts, technical know-how and sample documents that will helps them all the way in their property investment journey gives the speaker the satisfaction unable to be expressed in words.
Sara, one of the participants gave us a shock when she some out in front and gave few words before the session officially closed. Her words was so touching and honest.. reached the bottom of the heart of the speakers and organiser.
Yes, we want to share valuable knowledge here to be manipulated by the participants in order to upgrade their financial status... and a recognition like this is not expected but so memorable and inspiring.

One of the participant, Juanita has written a review on the session.Can read it here
It is a very lovely review.. Thank you very much, Juanita. Hope to see you again.

Hopefully there will be another session organised.. praying for that..

In the meantime, enjoy few photos taken during the 2 days.


Operasi potong air Domain Neocyber

Sejak malam kelmarin Domain Neocyber bergegar.
Bukan sebab gegaran gempa buni atau bencana tsunami tapi sebab operasi potong air oleh pihak management.
Operasi untuk unit2 yg ada tunggakan bayaran maintenance bg bil ke4 2010 iaitu bg Okt, nov dan disember 2010.
sapa belum bayar bil ni... siapppp!

SAya sebenarnya tak tahu cerita pun pasal operasi ni...
tiba2... pukul 11.30 malam kelmarin dpt panggilan dari penyewa rumah kawan saya.
Air takde... ha?
mereka baru balik dari jalan2 di melaka... tengok2 air takde.
saya yg innocent ni, minta mereka hubungu security utk bantu.. manalah tahu ada org main meter air ke kan... (sebenarnya mustahil sbb meter air dlm bilik khas yg berkunci... hehehehe)
Then saya tido dgn aman..

Sekali esoknya iaitu semalam pagi mereka call balik.
katanya mmg dipotong sbb ada tunggakan maintenance lebih 1000.
Dari pejabat saya minta excuse ke domain sebentar.. ak tahu cerita sebenar.
rupanya pejabat maintenance dah kecoh dr semalam pasal hal ni.. hehehe...
dan mmg betul tuggakan sejak oktober 2010 hingga sekarang berjumlah rm1062.. hahaha

hm.. rumah ni special deal. maintenance charge sumer tenant bayar.
masa tenant lama keluar, saya lupa nak tolak maintenance tertunggak ni dr deposit dier..
silap saya sbb saya masa tu baru je diamanahkan jaga rumah ni..
dan tolak duit maintenance adalah di luar kebiasaan.. sebab biasanya kan kita tolak duit api, air, indah water, astro jika ada dan internet je.
so masa tu mmg tak terfikir nak tolak duit ni dan minda separa sedar saya mmg masih berfikiran kawan saya la yg bayar.. macam rumah saya kan...

Then penyewa baru pun belum bayar maintenance utk feb dan mac 2011 sebab bil maintanane pun baru je keluar.
tu yg sampai RM1062 tu,,,

hm.. apa lagi.. semalam saya guna duit saya dulu la.. bayar dulu kasi settle.. kasi air boleh sambug balik,
then claim balik la dgn kawan saya dan penyewa baru
kawan saya pulak nnt kena claim balik dgn penyewa lama.... huhuhu

nasib baik rumah saya dan rumah adik tidak terbabit dlam ini situasi....hehehehe

.... ramai penyewa domain ambik cuti kecemasan semalam sebab nak settlekan hal ni dan dptkan air semula tp kalut la sbb kena tunggu owner bayar maintenance dulu,... wooohooooo
mungkin juga mereka terpaksa cuti sebab tak boleh mandi.. hahahaha

Skim rumah pertama - rebut atau tidak?

Sejak pengumuman Bajet 2011 pada hujung tahun lepas, ramai orang mula bercakap tentang skim pinjaman 100% untuk pembeli rumah pertama.
Ramai yang menunggu perlaksanaannya.
Skim pinjaman 100% bagi golongan berpendapatan RM3,000.00 sebulan untuk pembelian rumah pertama.
Terbuka untuk yang bekerja swasta sahaja dan dah bekerja sekurang-kurangnya 6 bulan...erkk
maknanya kawan2 ku yang bekerja kerajaan takde la peluang ni ye..
nasib baik kalian ada pnjaman perumahan kerajaan.. terpaksa guna yg tu je la.. no double bullet. hehehehe

Selain itu, syarat skim ini juga adalah rumah tersebut mestilah berharga dari RM100,000 ke RM220,000 sahaja.
Bermakna, kalau di Lembah Klang ni kebanyakannya apartment kos rendah atau kondo subsale la.. tapi ada juga rumah teres subsale setingkat yg dlm lingkungan harga ini.
Tapi kalau nak beli rumah landed baru dari developer di Lembah Klang, alamat memang gigit jari lah ye...

Hm.. bagi pendapat peribadi saya, skim ni sangat baik.
Sebab saya teringat tahun 2006 masa mula2 saya dan kawan2 nak membeli rumah dulu, ada beberapa kawan yang nak beli rumah tapi tak ada duit deposit.
Rumah yang kami nak beli tu apartment kos rendah je.. perlukan deposit keseluruhan cuma RM2K ++ je.. kemudian bayaran peguam lagi RM 2k++ tak sampai RM3K.
Nasib baik masa tu saya pun ada menyimpan, maka saya pinjamkan kawan baik saya dulu untuk deposit. Lepas tu kami pakat2 isi borang KWSP.
tahun lepas pun sama.. seorang kawan study saya.. hampr setiap hari mendengar saya bercerita tentang pelaburan hartanah.. akhirnya berminat nak booking satu kondo di lokasi yang bagus.
Pun sama... tak ada duit deposit.. maka terpaksa meminjam dengan kawan2 sementara menunggu duit KWSP keluar.

Jadi, bila program ni dah dilancarkan, memang patut sangat la semua yang layak dan belum membeli rumah mengambil peluang ini.
Mungkin susah nak beli projek baru dari developer.. apa salahnya beli dari subsale?
hartanah dari subsale pun banyak kelebihan.. boleh cari hartanah mengikut bajet, boleh tengok propety tu sendiri dan tengok persekitaran dan jiran-jirannya.. boleh pastikan terus berapa market sewa di situ, berapa occupancy rate kat situ.. dan cepat untuk disewakan.
Dalam 3 - 6 bulan lepas loan disburse, rumah dah jadi milik anda.. berbanding projek dalam pembinaan la yang anda terpaksa tunggu 2 - 3 tahun.
Tapi ye la.. projek dalam pembinaan ada pula pro and cons dia sendiri yang menyebabkan saya juga suka memilih property dari market ini.. selain subsale.

Lebih baik anda semua ambil peluang ini cepat sebab bukan apa.. faham2 la pak menteri kita.
Bajet tahun ni kata begini.. bajet tahun depan tak tentu lagi...

Cuma ada satu perkara yang saya perhatikan.. kenapa masih ramai orang belum memiliki rumah sendiri.
Ada satu golongan ini sebenarnya memberi alasan duit takde nak bayar deposit.
Bagi saya, itu bukan sebab.. Kalu pasal duit deposit, pasti ada penyelesaiannya.. mcm yg saya ceritakan di atas.
Pinjam duit sementara dr orang yg mempercayai anda dan keluarkan duit KWSP. kemudian bayar cepat2 duit kawan tu...
saya rekemen bayar la lebih 50 ringgit ke.. 100 ke.. sebagai tanda sagu hati..
tak wajib tapi apa salahnya.. kawan dah bg pertolongan yg besar tu... nnt dier gembira dan boleh la membantu lagi.
.. psikologi dan tanda terima kasih...

Tapi golongan ini sebenarnya bernafsu besar.
Itu sebab mereka belum beli rumah lagi.. wpun dan berkahwin dan ada anak.
sama ada mereka bernafsu besar membeli kereta yang dah makan 25% - 40% dari gaji bulanan mereka.. atau masa kawen dulu mereka berhabis duit buat personal loan sebab nak buat kenduri kahwin yang puas hati...
atau mereka mmg berangan nak beli rumah landed baru yang besar tapi mendapati duit tak cukup.
maka mereka extend hajat tu hari demi hari menunggu2 kot rumah idaman mereka akan dijual dengan harga bawah 200K..
bila saya tunjukkan rumah subsale, tak mau.. rumah dah buruk... rumah lama..
bila tunjukkan apartment, tak mau.. nak rumah landed..
tapi gaji tak tinggi..
deposit tak cukup...
atau komitmen yg sedia ada dah tinggi..

maka mereka masih menyewa.. atau duduk je kuarters bertahun2..
walaupun anak dah berapa...


Tapi saya bersemangat juga ni.
Harapnya dengan adanya skim ni, maka banyak la developer akan bina projek baru dlm lingkungan harga ini.. especially di Lembah Klang.
Sebab trend 2010, banyak developer semua sibuk bina property 240K - 500K je.. huhuhu
harga yang melampau... tak sesuai untuk investment sebab takut sewa tak boleh cover bayaran bulanan kan.

Kalau nak tahu maklumat lanjut pasal skim ni boleh baca di sini


Kami bersemangat dan menghitung hari

Lagi beberapa hari sharing session HOW WE MAKE MONEY FROM PROPERTY INVESTMENT: A FAST TRACK akan berlangsung.
Sabtu dan Ahad ini di International Youth Club, Bandar Tun Razak, KL.
Bilik Sakura.

saya dan kawan2 blogger sudah bersemangat membuat persediaan.

Sesi ini kecil sahaja... kami cuma ingin bertemu dgn kawan2 pembaca blog dan berkongsi dengan mereka pengetahuan kami yang ada di antaranya susah nak diceritakan di blog.

Ya, pada asalnya kami nak buat session ni hanya utk kawan2 terdekat sahaja.. namun tiba2 kami terfikir, apa salah nya buka sedikit untuk pembaca-pembaca blog yg lain yang selama ini sudi singgah di blog kami.

Walaupun kehadiran anda di blog saya ini mungkin secara terang-terangan melalui komen.. atau melalui diam-diam ubi berisi.. sebenrya amat saya hargai.

Ada yg masih menghantar emel kepada saya.. kenapa saya tiba2 mendiamkan blog ini..
hm.. nanti akan saya ceritakan.
namun demi minat yg mendalam pada hartanah, saya sebanrnya tidak berdiam diri..
tetap ada aktiviti berkaitan.

hm.. tak sabar nak bertemu kawan2 semua sabtu ahad ini.
sesi nanti adalah satu sejarah besar kepada saya dan kawan2 blogger lain sebab ini pertama kali kami melakukan sesi sebegini.

So setakat ini kami masih ada limited seat lagi utk sesiapa berminat.
Sesiapa yang biasa attend seminar hartanah, mereka tahu harga sesi ini mmg tak munasabah.
Sebab ini bukan preview tau.. ini sesi penuh 2 hari 8 jam sehari.
Siap dengan minum pagi, makan tengahari dan minum petang.
Memang harga yang terbaekkkk la...

Kami ada banyak hand out nak dikongsikan.
Kami ada banyak cerita nak disampaikan.

Doakan saya dan kawan2 dapat organise sesi ini sehabis baik.
Kami mahukan sesi santai yang sungguh informatif tetapi menyeronokkan.

Boleh baca maklumat lanjut sesi ini di sini ye

(sign tu ada silap sikit.. sepatutnya Property & Co bukan Property.Co
tapi kami dah minta dibuat pembetulan.. so takde masalah....)


Landlord homes in on ‘missing’ house

This is an article i found very interesting..

tuan rumah ni sewakan rumah dia.
sekali dier dengar, rumah dia dah 'hilang'.. dah tak ada.
Dia pun pergi la jenguk.. rupanya memang betul.
Apa yang tinggal hanya tiang, kayu yang dah pecah-pecah dan tv yang dah rosak.
Binaan rumah dah tak ada.. aduhh...

mari saya copy paste artikel di sini ye untuk anda baca.


KANGAR: The owner of a double-storey wooden house who went to the house in Kampung Bakau here to collect rent from his tenants was shocked to find that his home had mysteriously “disappeared”.

Twenty-four concrete pillar holders, pieces of scattered wood and a damaged television set were all that remained of his house.

The wooden walls and pillars of the house were all missing. It is believed the main components of the house had been dismantled or disposed of.

Zuria Ali, 30, said he was shocked to see the entire house structure removed. He even lost his furniture, cutlery, cupboards, a dining table and a refrigerator.

The house, which he inherited from his parents, is about 60 years old.

“I estimated my losses to be about RM30,000,” Zuria, who now lives in Perak, said.

“I had heard that my house had vanished and was curious to find out the truth.”

His neighbour, identified only as Ah Kiung, said he saw three men and a trailer arriving at the house last month.

“They dismantled the house in early February,” he said.

“I thought the three were carrying out the dismantling work on instructions from the landlord. I did not suspect anything until he (Zuria) asked me about it.”

Kangar OCPD Supt Abdul Rahman Mohd Noordin confirmed receiving a report about the “missing” house.

Happy women's day

Hey, yesterday is The World's Women Day..
Happy women day.. even i am late a bit but still better late than never kan...

I am proud to be a woman.
and yesterday The Star came out with 100 memorable malaysian women.. wahhh.. so inspirational.
3 of them are my very favourite women...
1 of them you can guess.. it is my Francissca Peter.. she always prays and hopes for a better world with love and compassion.. sending message from her songs and when she interacts with her fans.
the 2nd one is a great film director, Shuhaimi Baba... i miss her films.. her films always about women and how they fight for their life.. hm.. still waiting and waiting for her new films.
and the third one is Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan.
She was the president of Malaysian Bar Council and is a great lawyer an activist especially on judiciary issues, human rights and democracy.
Bar Council was so brave in fighting for the constitutional rights when she was sitting on the president chair.

Wow... I respect them.

and the other 97 women.. they are gorgeous.

My concern is, from my observation when attending property seminar or having chat with my property onvestor friends, i think the number of women, especially malay women doing property investment is still small.. compared to men.
i dont know what is wrong. but most malay women tend to just interested to buy 1 property for own stay.. which is supposed a responsibiity of her husband.. and that's it.
or.. maybe they just generously share the pay slip with the husband to join her name to buy one. or. do nothing. raise children and leave everything to fate.
while, the men outside there are saving money, invest and invest..

i am not saying that men cannot do that. It is good..
but.. hey women.. please catch up!
We have been great as engineer, accountant, doctor, lawyer.. but why not as property investor?

OK, for all women out there..
if you interested to do property investment but dont know how to start
we have a sharing session in property investment by 3 women.
They are going to share you the real tips and technique for 2 days.. 8 hour per day excluding lunch break.
if you know how much the knowledge actually valued, you know this is something not to be missed.

Check this out

Hm. but the session is not limited to women only la.. men also welcomed.
i just want to burn the fire inside the women here.. hehehe..

Ok women! cheers and keep on fighting for better tomorrow!
Care for others.. dont kacau other women's happiness haaa... suami orang jangan kacau..


Last Saturday, I went to Sunway Pyramid to be part of the Sharing Session by World Vision, Malaysia.
It is an international NGO focusing to help poor people all around the world.
Actually the most attractive factor to come is the ambassador for the 6th year of the Child Sponsorship Programme.
She is my all-time favourite, sweet and living legend, Francissca Peter.

She was there to raise awareness on CHANGE A LIFE, CHANGE YOUR OWN Campaign focusing on the Child Sponsorship Programme and Gift of Hope.

For the Child Sponsorship Programme, we can sponsor a child in poor countries such as Indonesia, Lebanon, Vietnam and few other countries to provide them basic necessities such as - clean water, better nutrition, health care, education and economic development for their community.

We can choose whether the child is a girl or boy and we can get his / her annual report card for the whole sponsorship programme.
And it does not cost much.. only RM50 per month per children.

yes, for only RM50 we can change somebody else's life.

See the women on the above picture? the one sit the left side? Her name is Mrs Phua Siew Ling.
As a cleaner, how much she earn every month? not much, rite.
But she is sponsoring child too.

The lady next to her.. She sponsors 42 children.. wahhh

Hm... I remember my friend and I noticed one chineese old lady. She looks very old..60++ i guess.. with basket at her hand and a very simple wear.
She sat and listening to Kak Fran's performance. I guess she is one of Kak fran's fans.. just like me.. hehehe.
Then, when Kak fran mentioned and reminded all audience to go to the counter to contribute something, she wake up.. and yes, she put some amount in the jar there..
That moment, i was so touched...
what a kind-hearted person..
she may not have enough money to comfort herself but still she wants to help others.

Honestly, i had a great time with the living legend and with my friends who also hard core fans of Kak Fran.
can't imagine Kak Fran and her sister cum manager willing to invite us for a chat and drink.
really great, man!
Believe me, Kak Fran is so sweet and humble.. and loving too.
Hm.. she demonstrates to us that we dont need to act like a superstar.. even if we really are..

Ok ok, back to the child sponsorship program...

I told you about the GIV jar right? this is how the GIV jar to be used.. to help others.
we live not for ourselves... part of what we get today is somebody else's right.
They are the less-fortunate people.

RM50 is not enough to repair a wiring problem or plumbing problem for our properties but for them, it is a miracle.
It able to help them out of poverty or disease suffering due to inaccessibility to clean water and nutrition.
Why not use the small amount of money we get from the rental surplus to them, rite?

You can read more about this program from the website http://worldvision.com.my

By the way, if you love her voice, she already released her collection of solo albums from Komputer Muzik 1984 until Setinggi Angkasa in a limited edition boxset.
It can be bought at music store nationwide.

Now, lets enjoy Francissca Peter's performance on the great evening.
She sang the official song of the campaign, titled as Tomorrow.
The song is the theme song for The International Aid Organisation, World Vision Malaysia, written by her and her sister, Bibiana Peter.

Photos: credit to avrilliza, runwitme.blogspot.com, suhaima and propertywaltz.com :)

Property Virgin March 2010

Hi all,

Alhamdulillah.. finally Property Virgin for March 2011 been published..
sorry it takes few days for this month's featured article of Property Virgin to be published. It is all my fault.. for taking a long time to edit the photos and the article.

Ok, this month, we are very happy to have blogger ctfarazila with us.. Hm.. actually from the early setup of this blog, I have her opinion and support with me.. and also from Haruki too.

Ctfarazila for me is a local auction queen... we are so proud to have a great lady focusing on auction property in Malaysia. Read the article, and you will know why she jumps into auction rather than the other market. Enjoy and Happy reading ya!


Nickname: Ctfarazila
Gender: Female
Marital Status : Married
Age on the first purchase: 25
Year on first purchase : 2004
Website: http://hot-auction-property.blogspot.com

What is your first property?Where is it located?
Putra Intan Condominium. Located at Dengkil.

Is it for own stay or for investment?

Have u studied on property investment before the purchase? How?
No. Not really. I just believe what the agent said. He said the property is in Cyberjaya...very strategic location etc.

What makes you decide to buy it? can u tell me the stories behind?
The main reason is I don't have to pay 10% deposit. It is 100% loan. The property is 70% completed at that time and i believe buying property can always make profits.

Did you encounter any problems or difficulties for the purchase? What and how it resolved?
Yes. Very big problem! The project is abandoned for almost 6 years. Luckily. somewhere in Oct 2009, another developer takes over the project and successfully makes the condo completed after a year. In fact, I just got the key of the house on last month from the new developer. After calculating, I find out that I have paid about rm40k to the bank since 6 years ago...just because I don't want to be blacklisted by the bank. ~ Sigh~

Is it your dream house? Why?
No. Because i love landed property.

After the purchase, what's next?
I feel very disappointed at that time. In year 2005, i tried to buy a property from auction and i won the bid at my first attempt. Wahhh!!
After winning the auction, I run out of cash. Hm.. auction actually needs a lot of cash u know :)
In 2007, i met personally Certified Financial Consultant to restructure all my financial commitment, make some savings and start refinancing to get some capital to buy more properties. Then, in 2008 I decided to be a real estate negotiator specialising in auction property and focus my property investment profile from auction market too.

From Aug 2008 till April 2009 (in 9 months), i managed to buy 4 more properties from auction market and it is really worth it. So, in total, i bought altogether 5 properties from auction market which are under market value and all have been rented out immediately with positive cash flow. Sadly, my Putra Intan Condo project was still abandoned.

What is your advice to all property virgins and home buyers out there?
If u're really interested to buy your first property, buy the knowledge first. I have to pay rm40k tuition fees from my first lesson. It's really painful but, as Dr Peter Yee said, property is always forgiving. I do not regret it.

Anything else to add-up?
Auction can save thousandssss.... :)
I am glad to help u if you are really interested to buy one property through auction market. You can just contact me via email - ctfarazila@gmail.com, sms/call @ 012-3459450 or
yahoo messenger id: farisha_79@yahoo.com. InsyaAllah i will reply the soonest possible.


Property & CO: lets meet up!

rohaniah noor has been silent here for a long time.
privately, she and her 2 blogger friends plan to have a small sharing session with her blog reader.
it will be on 19-20 march at international youth club, bandar tun razak, KL.
they will be tips and technical know-how session... and eating too!

if you interested to join our first session(if there are 2nd or 3rd onwards la..), please check it out at
sorry there are some fees there.. we need to collect it for the cost required to run it.
but we keep it the minimum as possible..
because we more concern on how much we can share in these 2 days and how much we all will have fun then.

see you there, friends!


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