repainting my friend's domain

wah.. i think i took so long time to update the blog since the last entry
i am so packed lately.. need to go outstation... i got 2 midterm tests and also assignment and some issues need to be resolved.

last weekend i went to the domain house of my friend a.k.a my client.. hehehe...
actually there are fungus on the wall near the window.
i dont want the condition becomes worse, so suggested to my friend to do some repainting.. only for the affected area.
my friend agreed.. so i bought a 1 liter white paint because the original paint is just white.
it cost less than rm15..
tehn i just eed a roller, a small brush and.. what they call it.. roller pan.. yes that is the name...

the tenant thought i am going to bring a paint man together to do the job..
hehehe... no la.. it is only me who will do the job..

this is the condition before:

hm..after 3 coats of paint, the wall get better.. a lot better...

the wall above also been repainted because the old tenant affixed something on it.
when she teared them off, the paint followed..
but the photos above are taken when teh wall still wet.. that is why we can see the colour tone difference.
when it getting dry, it will be ok..

hey, if your house wall have the same problem, repair the leakage problem quickly and repaint it.
dont wait for a long time because the fungus will spread and the wall will become worse..
surely your tenant will feel unhappy.


6 ulasan:

Haruki berkata...

eun-yong I have the same problem at the master bedroom window at Domain. How to solve the leakage problem? I think it is rain seeping through the window that is not tight even when closed fully.

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

i think maybe the sealant connecting the glass and the wall got small hole. maybe can try to buy sealant and wipe it on top of the existing one.. dont know it works or not.. but hope so. if let say the problem unresolved, maybe you need to find a glass installer to fix it.. which cost higher

pak wan berkata...

wuhoo DIY Queen as well nowadays :D

sourplum berkata...

nice job

sitiezahim berkata...

hehe keje cat mengecat ni kan dah jadi darah daging kite..hihihi

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

ojah, terima kasih... hehehe.. jimat kos..

sourplum, terima kasih

sitie, hahah.. tu la pasal.. hihihi


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