domain new tenant.. new kitchen cabinet

my friend who work in terengganu wants me to manage his properties in domain neocyber and unipark.
i love the job so much!
thak you for your trust.

early this month i got an sms from his tenant at domain.
she said she wants to move out earlier from the date she promised.
she promised to stay until 22nd february.. but still pay the full rental for feb la..
but then on 5th feb, she called me.. she has to leave malaysia early back to her hometown in indonesia.

i got panick! oh no.. i still have not found the replacement tenant.
so, i tried to push her to stay longer as promised.
but she said "this one i need to discuss with you.. my friend want to continue the rental. can i just pay half of this month and she continue to pay half?"
wahh.. this is so greta. moving tenant help me to find a replacement.
means, no lapse of tenancy. great!

so i ask for her friend's phone number in indonesia because she still there.
she and her friend want to stay only for 6 months..
i promised to install built-in kitchen cabinet for the house and new glass hob.
they required aircond for both master and second room and 2 water heaters for both bathrooms.
currently my landlord friend only put aircond for master room and living room and one water heater.

i got no problem with that but with new rental rate.
short stay.. new kitchen cab.. rental proposed rm2050.
we closed deal at rm2000.

last sunday, they arrive in malaysia, straight away went to the house to pay all the deposit and check in.

hey, this is the kitchen cabinet i installed.
as usual.. order from jeff.
price rm990 for 5.4 feet.

thanks to ctfarazila for the photos.. i dont have camera..
so she was so kind to help me capture the photos using her camera handphone..
thank you..


7 ulasan:

Haruki berkata...

What a good property manager! Nicely done cabinet and new tenants at new rental rate!

Hawa Azman berkata...

can i get jeff's number.

Farazila Wahab berkata...

My percent? hehehe

sitiezahim berkata...

kitchen kabinet cam ni rm 990 ke? huhu abis la kami bile balik msia nanti..nak install kitchen kabinet kat umah tuh..sob sob sob

sitiezahim berkata...

haha ye ke..hadoii kalu besa cenoeet tuh dah 5k, cane nak renovate dapur nih..? kuang kuang kuang

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

hahaha.. nak renovate pulak ke? nak besarkan dapur? mau makan 20K.. hahahaha

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

thank you.. hopefully the rental rate can susatin even after these tenants moving out.

you can contact 0102207586, jeff's team

fara, sorry.. forget to note it down. credit for your blackberry hp camera.. thanks dear.

siti, hahah.. tau takper.. utk dapur rumah siti kat kuantan tu, akak rasa kena sedia dlm 3k at least kalau pakai chepboard. kalau nak guna tiles, boleh pegi ke 5k tau


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