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repainting my friend's domain

wah.. i think i took so long time to update the blog since the last entry
i am so packed lately.. need to go outstation... i got 2 midterm tests and also assignment and some issues need to be resolved.

last weekend i went to the domain house of my friend a.k.a my client.. hehehe...
actually there are fungus on the wall near the window.
i dont want the condition becomes worse, so suggested to my friend to do some repainting.. only for the affected area.
my friend agreed.. so i bought a 1 liter white paint because the original paint is just white.
it cost less than rm15..
tehn i just eed a roller, a small brush and.. what they call it.. roller pan.. yes that is the name...

the tenant thought i am going to bring a paint man together to do the job..
hehehe... no la.. it is only me who will do the job..

this is the condition before:

hm..after 3 coats of paint, the wall get better.. a lot better...

the wall above also been repainted because the old tenant affixed something on it.
when she teared them off, the paint followed..
but the photos above are taken when teh wall still wet.. that is why we can see the colour tone difference.
when it getting dry, it will be ok..

hey, if your house wall have the same problem, repair the leakage problem quickly and repaint it.
dont wait for a long time because the fungus will spread and the wall will become worse..
surely your tenant will feel unhappy.


domain new tenant.. new kitchen cabinet

my friend who work in terengganu wants me to manage his properties in domain neocyber and unipark.
i love the job so much!
thak you for your trust.

early this month i got an sms from his tenant at domain.
she said she wants to move out earlier from the date she promised.
she promised to stay until 22nd february.. but still pay the full rental for feb la..
but then on 5th feb, she called me.. she has to leave malaysia early back to her hometown in indonesia.

i got panick! oh no.. i still have not found the replacement tenant.
so, i tried to push her to stay longer as promised.
but she said "this one i need to discuss with you.. my friend want to continue the rental. can i just pay half of this month and she continue to pay half?"
wahh.. this is so greta. moving tenant help me to find a replacement.
means, no lapse of tenancy. great!

so i ask for her friend's phone number in indonesia because she still there.
she and her friend want to stay only for 6 months..
i promised to install built-in kitchen cabinet for the house and new glass hob.
they required aircond for both master and second room and 2 water heaters for both bathrooms.
currently my landlord friend only put aircond for master room and living room and one water heater.

i got no problem with that but with new rental rate.
short stay.. new appliances..new kitchen cab.. rental proposed rm2050.
we closed deal at rm2000.

last sunday, they arrive in malaysia, straight away went to the house to pay all the deposit and check in.

hey, this is the kitchen cabinet i installed.
as usual.. order from jeff.
price rm990 for 5.4 feet.

thanks to ctfarazila for the photos.. i dont have camera..
so she was so kind to help me capture the photos using her camera handphone..
thank you..


demam fran

sejak balik dr konsert keunggulan 33 tahun francissca peter aritu, saya tak berapa sihat
demam teruk.. demam francissca peter..
setiap hari dlm kepala ternyanyi2 lagu2 fran
membesar dengan lagu2 dia.. dan pertama kali kalinya dpt menyokong konsert solo k fran yg pertama di IB betul2 memberi kesan yg besar pd saya dan ramai lagi yg attend konsert malam tu...
so, entri kali ni mmg takde idea pasal property..
cuma pasal francissca peter je.. hehehe

ni lagu fran yg paling saya minati

ni pulak lagu baru fran yg ditulis khas utk konset tersebut. liriknya memang kena dan terasa betul2 ditujukan untuk semua peminat dia yg datang utk 3 malam konsert tu.

entri ini di luar tema?
saya tak peduli..
saya mmg tengah demam francissca peter ni...
o la la tropika.

taktik agent mau duit lebih

lama tak menulis... sebab di kampung saya internet sangat lah teruknya.
rasa mau komplen, tapi takde guna juga...

saya mau cerita pasal real estate negotiator yang tamak...
untuk pengajaran kita semua.

kisah berlaku 3 thn lepas.

saya pergi tgk satu rumah.. mmg best la rumah tu.
harga letak 170K... kata negotiator tu, negotiable... biasa la kan.. ayat biasa
lepas tgk rumah, saya mmg rasa berminat sangat. so, kami duduk kat kedai mamak utk bincang.

saya pun keluarkan ayat biasa... (dialog yg diringkaskan.. tak boleh tulis panjang2 sbb nak bersiap tgk konsert francissca peter.. hehehe)

saya: en R, harga ni negotiable kan..

en R: boleh la kurang sket2...

saya: kasi 165K la..
(saya tak reti sangat masa ni... minta kurang pun sikit je..)

en R: hm.. macamni la... saya boleh cuba mintak dgn owner kurang jadi 165K... tapi kita kasi win-win la..

saya: (blur) win-win macamana?

en R: saya kurgkan harga 165K, awak suda jimat 5K. awak kasi saya cash 3K, awak amik la diskaun 2K... (muka confident)

saya: ha? kenapa saya kena kasi cash 3K?

en R: sebab saya sudah kasi awak jimat 5K la... awak kongsi la dgn saya.. kasi saya cash 3K.

saya: (kira dlm hati.. kalau 170K, deposit kuar cash 10% = 17k.. kalau 165k? 16,500 + 3k = 19,500?.. gile ke?) Takmo la... saya kena keluar cash banyak.. apa hal pulak... kasi turun harga 165K je la...

en R: ok la okla.. kita share 50-50.. awak kasi saya cash 2,500.. awak jimat 2500..

saya: takmola!

en R: takpun, saya usahakan awak dpt diskaun jd harga 160K.. awak jimat 10K.
so awak jimat 10k kan.. awak bayar saya cash 5k.. 50-50...

saya : ( ckp dalam hati: giler la ejen ni..)
takmo la.. kalau harga 170K, saya keluar cash 17K je.. ni kalau harga 160k, saya keluar cash 16k + 5k kasi kat awak.. tak pasal2 saya keluar cash 21K. saya nak jimat cash

en R: awak sudah untung 10K kan... win-win la...

saya: takmo takmo.. baik kekalkan harga 170K je.. saya keluar 17k je..

en R: hm.. ok la..

saya: takper la.. saya fikir dulu la... nnt esok saya call u semula.

masa en R dok belek2 buku dier, kawan saya yg teman saya tgk rumah ternampak no tel atas nama owner.. sebab sblm tu saya dah tanya dier saper nama owner, dier bagitau nama org tu M.

bangun je dr situ, kawan saya suruh saya simpan no tu.

esoknya saya call owner, cerita la cubaan dier nak menipu.

owner tanya saya dtg dengan ejen saya sdr ke? saya jwb la tak.. saya dtg dgn member perempuan sorg
kemudian owner cerita, en R tu kelentong kata saya dtg dgn ejen saya sdr.. lelaki...
so en R tu mintak double komisen sebab nak kena bayar 2 org ejen...

hm.. ni namanya kelentong nak makan lebih kat dua2 belah pihak
kat saya dier mintak cash, kat owner minta komisen double...

untuk kawan2 semua, berhati2 dgn negotiator yg tak beretika begini.

utk en R, lagu ini saya tujukan utk anda...


Property Virgin Feb 2011

This moth i am so lucky that my good property blogger and investor friend, haruki wants to share her experience in buying her first property to us.
Actually for me, she is 'taiko 2nd hand furniture' because she is very good in looking for and 'borong'ing 2nd hand furniture and appliances to be setup in her investment house for rent.
enjoy her story ya and do visit her blog for more of her experince.

Nickname: Haruki
Gender: Female
Marital Status : Married
Age on the first purchase: mid 20s
Year on first purchase : 1999
Website: http://propertydance.blogspot.com/

what is your first property?Where is it located?
SD Tiara apartment located at Bandar Sri Damansara

Is it for own stay or for investment?
It was for our own stay, as J and I were getting married in 2 years' time.
When we bought it was a newly launched project.

Have u studied on property investment before the purchase? How?
No, never. It was just because at that time Bandar Sri Damansara (BSD) was a booming new development. Every time Land & General (the developer) launched anything, it created long queues and properties were quickly snapped up. Even for this apartment, I had to queue for it with my mother. There wasn't even a showroom. Luckily they provided chairs and a canopy outside their sales office.

what makes you decide to buy it? can u tell me the stories behind?
In 1998 my dad passed away. He left RM10,000 to me from his EPF. After his death, my whole family went topsy turvy, we have no property of our own and we were renting a house. My mom's brother (my uncle), bought a house in BSD earlier and thought that BSD was a very nice place to stay. My mom was always a believer that owning your house is better than renting. So when they launched this apartment in 1999, my mom encouraged me to buy with the start up capital from my dad's EPF.

Did you encounter any problems or difficulties for the purchase? What and how it resolved?
At that time I was just a trainee salesperson with a very low salary. I had problems getting a loan. Can you imagine I just went ahead, paid the booking fee and downpayment without even worrying that I may not be able to obtain a loan? At the end, J, my husband (then boyfriend) had to act as guarantor, his salary being slightly higher than mine.

Is it your dream house? Why?
No, it was just what we could afford at that time.
My dream house, I still can't decide between: a bungalow / semi-d with a garden, with a patio that I can put an outdoor wooden table and chairs, a micro-hifi for music, under a cool ceiling fan.
Or a high-rise condo with a breathtaking view, cool wind and quiet surroundings.

After the purchase, what's next?
By the time the apartment was completed it was 3 years down the road in 2002. We had already got married and even had my baby boy, and we "tumpang" at my mom's house. (By that time my mom also bought her property so that the whole family did not have to rent anymore.) Now, our priorities changed when we have a kid. Childcare support and being close to family were very important. So we decided to buy another apartment that is close to my mom, and we rented out the SD Tiara apartment. And we never thought about property investments again until years later, when my brother bought "Property Jewels" by Renesial Leong.

What is your advice to all property virgins and home buyers out there?

We got a couple to rent our apartment for a slightly lower rent than all the other units asking price at that time. Because we wanted to rent out quickly. But that was negative cashflow for us, every month "rugi" about RM200 (including the service charge). But we thought that was ok, the tenant was subsidizing the bank loan for us. Well, if that has only been for the first year, it would have been ok. But we just let the tenant go on renting for the next 7 years, without increasing the rent. And we never renewed the tenancy agreement after the first year. I think I was lucky in a way because the couple were very good paymasters, and that was why we never "kacau" them.

But I would like to advice all readers out there, always renew the tenancy agreement, and try to increase the rent reasonably with the renewals. Don't be like us, never agree to a negative cashflow.

Anything else to add-up?
If you want to start property investments, start by picking up a good local property investment book. It would have helped me avoid my mistakes.



This blog is for information and experience sharing. The authors are not responsible for any loss or damages caused by the manipulation and application of information obtained from the blog.


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