Property Virgin Jan 2011 by matjoe

Hi all
i feel very lucky because the famous, handsome, inspiring and charismatic blogger matjoe volunteer himself to be the first person to share his property virgin story here..
what an opportunity for us to read his experience.
Thank you very much to matjoe!

Nickname: matjoe
Gender: male
Marital Status : married with one kid
Age on the first purchase: 25
Year on first purchase : 2006

what is your first property?Where is it located?
Mentari Court, a medium low cost apartment at Bandar Sunway

Is it for own stay or for investment?
It's for investment

Have u studied on property investment before the purchase? How?
I didnt buy any books in regards to property investment yet at that time. But i know all along that property is a good investment.

what makes you decide to buy it? can u tell me the stories behind?
It was my housemate who play part in convincing me to invest in property. Seeing him buying his second property make me jealous. So, one day he told me that there's an affordable home under construction at sunway. I straightaway went to the sales office and made my purchase. At that time, only few units left. If i wait until tomorrow, i think all the unit will be sold out.

Did you encounter any problems or difficulties for the purchase? What and how it resolved?
Everything went very smooth except I have to wait for about 2 and half years to complete. You know how eager u r to get the key of your very first home. At the same time, i also afraid that the project became abandoned.
I remember taking 100% loan including MRTA. So the only money that i have to pay is for the lawyer's loan fee.

Is it your dream house? Why?
No, since it's for investment. I found my dream house on 2007, move in 2009.

After the purchase, what's next?
After the purchase, i bought a landed property at bandar mahkota cheras, a single-storrey terrace which i'm currently staying. In 2009 i bought my third property via auction.

What is your advice to all property virgins and home buyers out there?
Purchase property as soon as you able to make a home loan. Don't go for fancy car first although you can afford it. Property is an inefficient market, unlike stock market where everyone have the access to updated data and graph. In property, if u search hard, you might be lucky to buy a house below market value.

Anything else to add-up?
I remember the first property that i set my eyes on first. it's the cheras court apartment in batu 9. It's was the first project that i went to the showroom. The property was prized 69k, i was tempted to buy but i cannot fork out that 10% because at that time it's only 1 and 1/2 year i start working. Allah have another plan for me which is Mentari Court Apartment.


6 ulasan:

zz berkata...

how much mentari court did u buy??

pak wan berkata...

thanks matjoe and eun-yong..

definitely a good section for newbies .. learning from otai's experiance.. well done! :)

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

zz, that question only matjoe can answer.

ojah, hehehe... nnt sampai turn ojah lak.. boleh tak? dengan penuh bangga dan rendah diri mempelawa sama2 menyumbang di sini..

Matjoe berkata...

@zz - at that time is 72k

@admin - thanks you for featuring me in this section

pak wan berkata...

hahaha jangan la.. sy kuli jek... nanti bile dh tahap otai sket saya offer diri ek... dun worry...

tapi rasanya kena la princess hartanah kita bagi interbiu dulu.. nama dia aR-N.. haaaa.. very good role model tu rasanya.. wajib kena interbiu :D

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

ojah, column ni bukan utk otai je.. yg bukan otai atau buat-buat macam otai pun layak apa.. yg penting, sudah beli rumah pertama.. ha....

aR0N? mcm pernah ku dengar nama itu.. tp di mana ye? hehehe


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