Nadayu 92

Since few months ago, i keep wondering about this project.
Nadayu 92.
Because it is located on the way out from my house to Jalan Reko. Near Kajang Hill Golf Club.
From a jungle, all trees down and the land cleared.
The bad condition of road from jalan reko inside, passing through the tunnel has been repaired and upgraded.
Few show house with amazing design built.
I know this gonna be an exclusive gated and guarded landed residential home for rich people to stay in elite way in kajang.
eh eh.. i think all buffaloes and cows normally found lepaking this area also gone la.. hehehe

Last 2 weeks is the lauching, i guess because suddenly lots of rich cars park outside the sales office.
I was so busy at that time.

Luckily, yesterday i able to drop by.
Nadayu 92, a new project by Mutiara Goodyear Development Bhd consists of 2 storey houses, 2 1/2 storey houses and 3 storey houses.
The cheapest for the 2 storey house is rm459K. WOW!
very expensive for this area.
Last year, new project in seksyen 4 tambahan bandar baru bangi, which is opposite nadayu area is around 300K++.
Hm.. maybe because the location will be adjacent to Kajang 2 and near to the coming MRT station, so the price justified.
This piece of land is freehold, compared to bandar baru bangi land which mostly are leasehold.
Since my flat is just in neighbourhood, i am feel very happy with these development.
At least, in about 2 years time, my no-toll route to putrajaya and bangi becomes more interesting and will not be scary anymore during late at night.

Hey, this is some photos taken from the show house visit.
Good for all visitors when the developer provides umbrella for us to walk around with.
so, enjoy this piece of jungle-turn-to-be-exclusive residential property.


6 ulasan:

zz berkata...

ya, harga memang mahal, sebelah pulak naik Kajang 2..tapi yg bestnya jalan dah cantikk, tak macam dulu, jalan pecah2 macam lalu dek keta kebal..hehe..

Unknown berkata...

good info, sekarang tgh survey landed property area kajang/bangi/seri putra... also semenyih...

taman tropika 2 sold out, kajang 2, seksyen 9 & bdr seri putra plan nak gi tgk this week...

semenyih ok ke?

Unknown berkata...

salam. projek ni still sold out although berdekatan dengan kabel voltan tinggi TNB.. normally people will concern..

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

zz, harga memang mahal. tp advantage kat saya dan penduduk dlm kawasan bandar tek tu la.. hehehe

wakif, semenyih? hm.. nak duduk atau nak sewa? tu kawasan baru nak naik. harga murah lg..

fauzi, saya tgk kelmarin belum betul2 sold out lagi. masih ada unit available. kabel voltan tinggi tu mmg kat area sini tp mebi bukan dkt sgt dgn rumah mereka. tp buyer sekarang ramai je yg tak berapa peduli

sitiezahim berkata...

cantik gamba, beli kamera baru ke? hihi

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

sitie, hehe.. guna camera hp i yg sony ericsson tu.. hehehe


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