How to Identify Investment Grade Shop-Offices in the Same Location by Peter Yee

Last Thursday is a Thaipusam Day. Public Holiday.
I am very thankful because i am among 10 other people to get the offer for a special course by Dr Peter Yee on 'How to Identify Investment Grade Shop-Offices in the Same Location'.
The venue is in his own office at Bandar Baru Selayang.
It is a half-day seminar but packed with practical tips and techniques on how to select the A grade commercial property.
He even brought us around the area and shows which is grade A, which is Grade B and so on and WHY?
Lots of factors complement a Grade A one.. accessibility from the main road, visibility of the unit, the sun direction, what is the parking lots facing to, how many parking lots available in front and behind it, etc.
He also answered our questions on the spot about the units.
After the viewing, we have indoor session where Dr Peter discuss more on the slides together with some other related matters such as the financing matters, holding property under company name and the flipping techniques.
The best thing about Peter Yee, that i realised since the first time i attend his talk, is he can give you suggestion based on your personal profile.
Dr Peter Yee is such a genuine and gentleman property gurus out there.

Before coming home, i brought Dr Peter Yee's SUCCESS Board game with a very good price.
I am attracted with this board game since Dr Peter Yee told us about it in the Property Millionaire Challenge seminar last August.
This board game does not only cover financial intelligence but also six aspects of life
-health, knowledge/skills, morals/emotions, family, career/finances and society/community, whilst balancing one’s life with both financial and emotional intelligence.
Dr Peter Yee said there are cases that single people playing this game plan to get married after that. hehehehe....
Ok, I want to try... I plan to play it with my friends soon.

his office at selayang


7 ulasan:

pak wan berkata...

Kalu jumpa pasangan main board game ni.. Bila kawen mesti investment double ngan doubly fast.. Ya la memasing otai investments :)

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

ojah, hm.. dapat partner in life yg boleh jd partner in property investment mmg best la!

Matjoe berkata...

not likely, look at me, dan fara. bcoz human r different, so good luck then. as long as our spouse tak boros that should be good enough

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

hm.. fara's husband considered as partner in her prop investment also. because they bought property under joint name.
ada few cases yg spouse pull you out of the game.. dier tak bg u spend duit utk invest sbb dier tak minat dan lebih suka kita spend duit tu utk beli rumah besar dan perabot utk hidup yg selesa.. i mean, dont want a delayed gratification la..

pak wan berkata...

Like my hubby.. Dia boros sket but actually niat dia nak pamper the family.. Masaalah jugak to spouse yg like me nak rempit dulu bila max br buat own keselesan thingy..

But.. I think kita sendiri need to pandai2 cari lubang la.. Masing2 ade pendapatan kan.. But dulu investment sendiri2.. Once dia tgk positive result, slowly he'll turn investment-savvy jugak..

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

hm.. bab ni yg saya risau sedikit.. hehehe.. takper, kasi main ini game dulu.. hehehe

Haruki berkata...

Wow, congrats Anie on getting the teachings first hand from Dr Peter Yee. Let me know if the game is good, I'll buy it to play with my kids.


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