be careful with real estate agent.. ops negotiator

hm.. lots of books talk about how to pick the right tenants.
but very little, hm.. in face i haven't found any, talks about how to pick and deal with genuine and honest real estate negotiators.
yeah.. most of agents we deal with are only negotiator... not agents.
agents are those professional with his/ her own E number.
passed the exam and registered with the board of valuers, appraiser and real estate agents malasyaia.
negotiator is anybody.. no specific regulation.
just ask for the appointment with the registered agent and no specific requirement even to study the law...
then they claim to everybody they are agents.. haha...

that is why lots of cases and complaints about negotiators.
especially on subsale cases..
hey, some of them des not really care about ethiques.. they just want money.
your money as the buyer as their commission.
They can help you but they can also take advantage on you.
Be careful!

let say they want to sell prop A
one buyer pay booking fee.. 3%
then buyer get issues regarding snp or loan
they dont care..
they can simply claim your booking forfeited, they get it as their commission
and put it into their pocket,
then put the same property on sale again..
got another issues? forfeit la...
take the money again...
after that, put it on sale again..
repeat the same...
easy to get rich.

they dont care to help the buyer with the issue
as long as they cn get the money la... what happen next is on you...

i will tell you more about my experience with negotiator-who-claim-as-agents in next entry
sorry for those genuine real estate agents and negotiators who read this
but this is the true story i wanna share

for all property owners who want to sell or rent out your property, believe me.
u can do it great without these so-called agents
u can save thousands of money and smooth transaction.
all you need is good and efficient lawyers. that's it.

this article might be biased as i am representing buyers and genuine owners here.
as what agents do, i also dont care about the bias.
you, agent, write an article saying you are kind hearted and helpful enough la..
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