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this is a blog of real estate in Malaysia.
Yes, there are lots of blogs talking about the same topic.. but of course not exactly the same content and stories rite?
why the name of the blog is created to be such this... propertywaltz?

I am a kind of person who loves music so much.
waltz is one of music rythm which is moderate but enchanting me.
i love the beat.
especially the song of 'love' with waltz rythm is the soundtrack album of korean drama "The sad love story"
and few instrumental waltz songs in the soundtrack of korean drama "Spring Waltz"

oh oh.. too obvious that i am a korean drama lover.

i think that, property is a something that actually, if you do it with the correct strategy, it will gives you fun and soothing your financial bottleneck.
But it is not a quick-get-rich scheme... it is a slow, step by step kind of investment..but not too slow that makes you sleeping all the way.

Actually, at first, I am not so sure to pick this name. I told my friend, haruki and asked for her opinion.
She liked the name and said to me "Property Investment is like a dance. It is an experience, a journey where we learn the skills and techniques of mastering the tasks, almost like learning a dance. And because it brings so much joy and will ultimately be the key to the investor's financial freedom, a dance is a good analogy"..
Owh, she referred it to the waltz dance.

At that time, i forgot that waltz is also a kind of dancing...
yes, it is a lovely dancing...
If you dance without the correct skills, you will end up stepping on your partner's foot or even slipping down.
but with the knowledge and the correct skills, you can even dance all the night.. with laughter, fun and feel free.

Falling in love with the analogy, Haruki use propertydance for the name of her new blog, instead.

So i hope all readers will not get confused with these 2 blogs, ya!

We are in the same boat, but we are different person.

Thank you to my dear friends, ctfarazila and firdaus for helping me and giving me idea to find suitable names for this blog too..
thanks so much for your time and few brain cells helping me to think on it.. Thanks yar!

Ok readers, thank you for visiting and reading the first entry of
I hope you eager to read more and more from the blog as i am eager to present you more stories then..

12 ulasan:

Farazila Wahab berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.
Farazila Wahab berkata...

tumpang lalu... :) berkata...

fara, sila lah lalu selalu ye.. hehehe

azizan berkata...


nak tanya sikit....kat mana nak check status pemaju tu samada ok ke tak?

nak mencari tentang Tan Yew Lai Development utk projek symphony park @cyberjaya

zz berkata...

hmm, dah ada blog baru, ok gak, nampak cam menarik..teruskan usaha anda..

hawa berkata...

yey u are back!!

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

azizan, boleh check kalau projek developer tu terbengkalai atau deeloper blacklist kat website kpkt.

zz, hawa, terima kasih..

Matjoe berkata...

walt disney? salam blog owner

Rohaniah Noor berkata...

wsalam matjoe..
bukan la..
walt disnet tu ejaan dier w.a.l.t
ni w.a.l.t.z

hehehe.. mari belajar mengeja.. hehehe

sitiezahim berkata...

hehe leh masuk dlm bloglist..welcome back..:D berkata...

hehe... silakan silakan...

Unknown berkata...

salam jutawan dari pelabur muda mcm saya walau dah tua hehehehe


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