domain 4 launching tomorrow

tomorrow, Domain 4 @ neocyber will be launched.

this time, the price going crazy..

actually cyberjaya new project's price are all crazy now.

for Domain 4, there are 4 types

Type A: 1 bedrooms. 599 sqft. 2 sqft less than domain 3.

price starts from 239K

Type B: 2 bedrooms. 753 sqft.

Price starts from 290K

Type C: Studio unit. 549 sqft. less 1 sqft from Domain 3.

Price starts from 223K

Type G: Duplex. (wahh.. duplex return to neocyber... )

Price starts from 255K

There are 7% Bumi discount for the first 48 units and early bird discount of 3K. However, early bird is not available for duplex unit.

The price is a big increased form the last Domain 3 launching price.

However, if you compare the price per sqft, Domain 4 is still cheap compared to Garden Plaza, Shaftsbury and the record breaking expensive, D'Pulze.

Compared to Serin? i am not so sure.. haven't research on Serin yet.

If you interested, you can go to the launching tomorrow at the Neocyber Sales Office, Neocyber.

Any enquiries, can call Kenny 012-6694319 or faizal 012-2484995 or hendra 013-3954102

the buyer get buyer is still available. Quote the name of rohaniah noor to share the commission 50-50.