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Going Home with Xandria & Yuri

this is a property reality show i am watching now.
new episode on every wednesday.
Brought online by www.d2.tv, a webtv by starproperty


shaftsbury to let go

my friend has one unit of shaftsbury, a new project in cyberjaya to let go. for sale.

studio unit 463 sqft, price at rm252,900 before discount.

The unit is a corner unit, 4th floor, facing swimming pool. The deposit paid is rm5k to the developer.
If you interested, please email me at admin@propertywaltz.com

More information on Shaftsbury, can visit http://www.shaftsbury.com.my/
or http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1372010

6 jars of money management

"hey friend, i am interested to buy properties but i don't have money la..."

"It is a good suggestion, friend. Thank you. But where will i find the thousands of money as the deposit? i have a child to feed... "

"5K? errr.... 500 cannot ha? i need to repair my car la this month..."

These are reasons and excuses given to me when i open out my mouth, enticing my good friends around me to start doing property investment, or even to buy their first house for own stay.

i feel sad for them.. sad because our education systems that we spent at least 11 years or even for my case, 18 years teach NOTHING on money management.
In contrary, hypermarkets and tv advertisement teach us daily on where to spend our money. As the result, all our hard-earned money go to somewhere else's pocket and wealth.. but we still feel happy to do it.
The sad words i hear are when people says that, "we struggle to get the money.. so, lets enjoy it.. buy whatever you want".
or worst for muslims "ala.. duit bukan bawak ke mati.. simpan banyak2 buat apa..."

oh gosh!.. don't they think about their future? or their children's future?
even we do not bring our money to the grave, are you sure that you will go to your grave tomorrow so that you can spend it all today?

hm.. i am grateful that i am not too late to learn the concept of pay yourself first.
during my 2nd year of working, i am attracted to buy and read a book by Hajjah Ruhani that is "Cukup Wang Hati Tenang".
The book really opened my eyes to pay myself at least 10% of my salary to my own self. She also teach me on the power of saving and compounding.

I like to absorb good things on money management and alhamdulillah i able to practise it until today.
It really helps me in my property investment. without the money kept aside, surely i will give the same excuses every time somebody entice me to buy a good property.
I might end up buying nothing until now.

Early this month, i went to No Money Down Seminar by Michael Tan.
I got the chance to learn new concept of money management.. called as 6 Jars of money management.
Luckily, Milan Doshi wrote the same things in iProperty magazine.. so i have a revision article to referred to.

So, what is the 6 jars of money management?

This concept is when you consolidate your income and divide it into 6 jars or accounts. The 6 jars are as follows:

1) Financial Freedom Account or FFA
- this folows the principle of paying yourself first. Put aside at least 10% of your monthly income to be used as a seed money for your investment. Never withdraw the money for something else even if your car broke down in the middle of highway. No ATM card for this account, please.. This is solely for investment.
- amount to set aside: 10%

2) Long Terms Savings and Spendings or LTSS
- ha... this one, you put aside at least 10% of your money for big spending such as new car, holiday package, new full HD 42" LCD tv or maybe your expected baby's stuffs. This account follows the concept of delayed gratification. Hm.. new couch handbag falls under this account ya! also, your emergency fund also comes from this jars. For the car brake down case as above, you need to use this money to pay the workshops.
- amount to set aside: 10%

3) Education or EDU
- this money is for your self-development. Remember, you are from what you learn. Your mindset is the most important thing that leads your life journey. You can use this money to buy self-development books, go to seminars or even join a professional course of your choice that will upgrade you. People who are too stingy to spend money on books and seminars will end up stuck their feet at the same point. No mindset change, no strategies learnt and no progress.
- amount to set aside: 10%

4) Necessities or NEC
- haa.. this is for your living expense. Utility bills, rent, car instalment, milk and drypers for your baby.. and every necessity things for you and your family. Only 55% of the money should be used for these. If the amount is not enough, this means you cannot afford to buy something beyond this amount and you need to adjust your spending accordingly. Maybe you need to forget to buy a honda civic but only Saga BLM.
- amount to set aside: 55%

5) Play
- This is the money to treat yourself on your hard works. enjoy your favourite coffee time at a 5 star hotels, go for pedicure and manicure, spa, facial treatment, golf course or in my case, enjoying theatre shows at istana budaya with a front seat. Actually, this will teach your subconscious mind to act like a millionaire but up to the maximum budget. If you enjoy every single cents spent, you will eager to earn more so that you can enjoy more. The rule is, you must spend ALL of the money every month. You cannot carry it forward. even spouse cannot question on how you spend it. This is your own money for your own taste of life.
- amount to set aside: 10% or 5%

6) Give or GIV
- This is the money for someone else. give it to charity of your choice. Give hope to other persons to live happily. If you are a muslim, zakat can be calculated under this allocation. Not limited to less-fortunate people, you can give it to other earth occupants too such as endangered animal pr for greener earth. As for my case, i prefer one of them to be WWF as animal has a right to live on earth as us too..
- amount to set aside: 10% or 5%

According to these millionaires, every month they will do standing instruction to automatically distribute their income into 6 different bank accounts.
One bank account for one jar.
Thus, it is ensured that the proportion of money is distributed correctly and automatically all the time. Of course, different ATM card / debit card for LTSS, EDU, NEC, PLAY and GIV while no ATM card for FSS.

Friends, let us practise this money management strategy. It is the basic of millionaires mind.
It leads to balance of life too.
And you will find yourself not stucked in the same excuses as above anymore.
Personally, i like this concept as it is align with the concept of wasatiyyah and istiqamah in Islam.
Membazir amalan syaitan.
Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit.


azam tahun 2011

saya ni pemalu orangnya... dan low profile.. hehehe
jadi saya tak suka menulis azam saya di public
tp utk matjoe, saya tulis juga sebahagian dr azam saya.

azam 2011 saya yang boleh saya kongsi di sini balance dr 4 aspek.

1) education: kalau diizinkan Allah saya mampu berusaha keras dan tabah... jika saya lulus semua paper tahun 2011, pada penghujung 2011 saya akan tamat pengajian. pengajian Bachelor of Legal Studies yg sepatutnya mengambil masa 5 thn iaitu 10 semester dpt ditamatkan dlm masa 9 semester sahaja. tapi jika tidak, saya tetap akan tabah meneruskan semester ke 10 pada awal 2012. :)

2) family: saya berazam akan mencari duit dan pergi ke Germany bersama2 mak saya. kami nak melawat adik saya dan keluarganya di sana. hm..azam ni saya sangat berharap, tp saya tahu bukan mudah. saya akan memikirkan cara termurah utk ke sana. mungkin ambil air-asia ke london then amik low-cost european flight.. atau amik train. modal mungkin pertengahan 2011 baru ada.

3) kewangan: tahun depan saya harap impian saya nak memiliki sebuah landed commercial property akan tercapai. mulai tahun depan juga, saya ingin mempraktikkan 6 jars of money sptmana yg diajar oleh milan doshi dan michael tan.

4) kesihatan: saya dan kawan saya, chan target nak lari half marathon hujung 2011. sasaran kami, penang marathon 2011. utk target ini, saya kena cukup bersedia.. wpun saya tahu at the end of the running, saya akan join kelab kaki kengkang juga (sakit kaki sbb lari) hehehe

ada beberapa azam lain yg saya akan tulis dan simpan dlm almari.. bukan utk tontonan umum... :)

contest ini dianjurkan oleh Matjoe dan turut ditaja oleh Eyriqazz(rm 50) Kak Ina KL (cookies rm50) AbangEnsem (6 ebook, rm120), Kak Yon (3xrm10 topup, rm30) dan Tinihani (4 ribbon brooch, rm20)'

Aman Heights - Aman III

While i went to Jusco Equine, looking for gifts for birthday girls (but end up buying jacket for myself on top of the gifts), i pass through a property booth of Aman III.. part of Aman Heights project.
As being me, i drop by myself and ask few questions.. act like a very interested buyer.
who knows i will end up as a  real interested buyer kan...

The location is in Serdang. You need to use Bukit Ikhlas route.. to be exact it is at Jalanb Bs/5.9
Are you familiar with Bayan Villa project?
from the map, it looks like nearby Bayan Villa... behind it i think.
The developer claims that are one proposed road from Aman Heights area straight to Bukit Jalil Highway.
This roads will make this area more accessible..
from KL, you dont need to  be stucked in traffic jam at Serdang Raya and at the narrow road of Sri Kembangan old town.

hm.. i have heard about this proposed road few years back..  but untill now, it has not been constructed.

Here are the details of the project

Type: Condominium of 266 units for Aman III only. There are another 2 blocks, Aman I and Aman II, fully sold out.
Price starts from rm263K after bumi discounts.
2 types : Type A1: 1268 sqft and Type A: 1238 sqft.

Facilities provided:
- private floor access system
- private clubhouse
- gym
- tennis court / half-size basketball court
-badminton court
- multipurpose hall
- activity area/ table tennis / games room/ pool table
- mini market, laundry shop, child care center
- exclusive sky lounge with jet pool, outdoor fitness are, sky garden, lounge, bar area, private dining are, viewing deck, AV rooms etc.

 I think this project is suitable for professionals who wants to enjoy luxury style of condo but still affordable.
Lots of medium high-end condos coming at Sri kembangan/ Serdang area as it flows from Bukit Jalil.
I can see transformation of Serdang from an old residential area towards a modern city.. as what i see in Old Klang Road.

 BTW, if you interested with this project, can call Ocean Lee 017-8466992
u may also visit their official webpage at http://www.amanheights.com/

property virgin dec 2010

Nickname: Eun-Yong
Gender: Female
Marital Status : Single
Age on the first purchase: 28
Year on first purchase : 2006

what is your first property?Where is it located?

My first property is a low-cost apartment bought from developer in Kajang. It is still under construction at that time.

Is it for own stay or for investment?

At the time i buy it, i am not so sure whether it is for my own stay or to be rented. Actually i am a little bit blur at that time, don't really plan it strategically. I just think, i can rent it to factory workers there but if it cannot be rented or the rental rate is too low and not profitable, i will stay on it. It is still in a convenience distance to travel to and from office. 20km.. 20 minutes.. ok la..
At last, i stay on it.

have u studied on property investment before the purchase? How?

Yes, i started to study on property investment since 2005. i read books on Cukup Wang hati Tenang by Hajjah Ruhani, Jutawan dari planet Jupiter, Menjadi tuan rumah Jutawan and Jutawan Hartanah by Azizi Ali. At that time, i started to build my dream to be a property millionaire as what pictured by Azizi Ali. He is absolutely my inspiration.
I remembered at that time, i started to be addicted to buy The Star on every Saturday and read all property for sale and for rent advertised in the classified there. I recycled all the other parts of The Star newspaper but not the Classified section. I remembered i saw advertisment of Vista Angkasa for sale at the price tag of 130K at that time but dont have the courage to call or make any enquiries.. sigh...
At that time, i have not yet join any property investment seminars and i am alone. i dont have friends with the same passion, same dreams. I only have few friends that also interested to buy their first property for their own use.

what makes you decide to buy it?can u tell me the stories behind?

Ok, from my self-learning, i learnt that people makes good rental return from low cost apartments. Low-cost is cheap.. affordable to buy, especially for starters like me who will feel comfortable with the price. Put your money in blur mode but still can sleep tight. :)
However, to buy a low cost apartment, i noticed that there are certain restrictions. So, looking at my salary and my condition at that time, i comply with the restrictions.. but not starting next year. Then, i know i have to buy now, not next year. Then i start to actively looking for new projects and subsale on low-cost apartment. I don't have any idea on auction yet at that moment. I am looking for an apartment with lift but not too high rise with 16 floors. i want an apartment with less than 10 floors, ample parking, quiet environment and clean.. hate to be in some flat where the lift, floors and surrounding are so dirty and congested.
So, when i met this project.. only 8 floors with lift and the surrounding is quiet.. near to government clinics and pasar malam.. i like pasar malam! Then, since this is a new project, the price is low, as set by the government... starting from 42K only.

and the best thing is, when i put the booking, it is then followed by 9 of my friends. 7 of us bought the low cost and the others bought the medium cost. I am so excited!

Did you encounter any problems or difficulties for the purchase? What and how it resolved?
I dont encounter any big problems actually.. just a little bit blurred, which financing package i should take. Also, i am short of money to pay the legal fees for the loan document because no banks give financing on it. Therefore, to settle it, I apply for KWSP withdrawal. It took 2 weeks for the money to be deposited into my bank account.

Is it your dream house? Why?
Hm.. no and yes.
No because i dream of having a kampung style house since young, with the Johorian old house design. But now, i think that dream faded away.. maybe due to progress of time.
Yes, because i paint it and maintain it in my dream style. Due to financial constraint, i do it step by step. I just bought my dream sofa for the house on last week.. after 2 years stay. Hihihihi

After the purchase, what's next?
After the purchase, i become eager to study more on property. I started to dream to buy one apartment that i noticed people are selling at 160K a year later and 180K for the 2nd year. I know i have to start doing it seriously. I started to join mini seminar by azizi ali and preview by renesial leong plus few more property investment books in my reading collection. 2 years after the 1st purchase, I able to buy that apartment at the price of 170K with mark-up s&p of 180K.

Your advice to all property virgins and home buyers out there?
Property is an investment you wont regret to do if you know what you are doing. Any time is a good time to start because it keeps increasing in value. But please don't buy it blindly or just following somebody else's talking. Do your own research. Even if you buy for your own stay, you will enjoy capital appreciation. The house is yours compared to pay rent monthly that makes your landlord smile happily.
If you have children, instead of buy an insurance with education fund, buy a house for each of them. Believe me, it generates more return to your child's education need. Even low cost apartments work.


Property Virgin column

Propertywaltz.com proudly announce that we are going to have special column called as Property Virgin.
It is a collection of stories of first time home buyers... when you buy your first property.. why.. and any stories behind.
We will try to publish new stories every month.. or the worst once for every 2 months.
Hope we can make it.
We also hope this column will motivates the property virgins to start buying their first property besides as a medium for us to share and rewind back the adrenalin feeling of buying our first home.

domain 4 launching tomorrow

tomorrow, Domain 4 @ neocyber will be launched.

this time, the price going crazy..

actually cyberjaya new project's price are all crazy now.

for Domain 4, there are 4 types

Type A: 1 bedrooms. 599 sqft. 2 sqft less than domain 3.

price starts from 239K

Type B: 2 bedrooms. 753 sqft.

Price starts from 290K

Type C: Studio unit. 549 sqft. less 1 sqft from Domain 3.

Price starts from 223K

Type G: Duplex. (wahh.. duplex return to neocyber... )

Price starts from 255K

There are 7% Bumi discount for the first 48 units and early bird discount of 3K. However, early bird is not available for duplex unit.

The price is a big increased form the last Domain 3 launching price.

However, if you compare the price per sqft, Domain 4 is still cheap compared to Garden Plaza, Shaftsbury and the record breaking expensive, D'Pulze.

Compared to Serin? i am not so sure.. haven't research on Serin yet.

If you interested, you can go to the launching tomorrow at the Neocyber Sales Office, Neocyber.

Any enquiries, can call Kenny 012-6694319 or faizal 012-2484995 or hendra 013-3954102

the buyer get buyer is still available. Quote the name of rohaniah noor to share the commission 50-50.



beli 2nd hand?

perkara biasa kalau tuan rumah nak sewakan rumah dia akan cari perabot dan barang letrik 2nd hand
biasanya mcm sofa, meja makan, katil, almari
barang letrik mcm peti ais, mesin basuh dan tv
asal masih boleh berfungsi dgnbaik, nampak elok, harga ok.. apa salahnya beli utk rumah sewa kita
dapat jimat kos lagi

baru2 ni saya beli peti ais dan mesin basuh 2nd hand
peti ais tu beli kat kedai mr wong kat jalan kuchai lama.. ebuysell
dah pernah beberapa kali beli dgn dier.. mmg ok, takde masalah

mesin basuh pulak kat kedai mr wong takde yg berkenan
kat kedai ismail kat hulu langat pun takde yg ok
jadi try tgk stok dier ni.. sorang pompuan jual dr rumah dier kat kajang. ismalinda namanya

semua contact barang2 ni mmg asalnya saya survey dari mudah.my.. then baru tgk sdr ke kedainya

nak dibuat cerita, 3 hari lepas peti ais yg saya beli tu deliver, saya pun on kan la
peti ais samsung.. besar gak. harga pun dlm rm500 siap deliver
mesin basuh lak, suami dia ni hantarkan.
bayar rm460 siap deliver.. sebab tak jauh sgt dr rumah dia.
masa suami dia hantar, kami test la.. boleh on, leh pusing.. cantek.

sekali tenant tak jadi masuk rumah tu.. sebulan rumah kosong..
saya pun sibuk exam.
lepas exam, saya jenguk balik rumah ni..
ada penyewa nak masuk dah.
masa tu lah saya dapati peti ais tak sejuk.
alamak... kalau ikut waranti sebulan, mg dah terlebih 3 hari.
saya ke jalan kuchai lama... mula2 mereka suh saya bawak technician mereka ke sana utk baiki
tp saya tak puas hati.. sbb belum guna maa.. takkan awal2 dah rosak.
saya minta tukar baru.. saya sanggup bayar lori rm50.
settle.. dpt tukar baru.
senang kawtim.

masa yg sama tenant komplen.. mesin basuh tak boleh on.
saya ingat kepala plug problem..
dlm hujan saya naik motor beli kepala plug.. pasang sdr.
seb baik saya pandai tukar..
jangan sangka lelaki je reti kerja2 mmni.. :P

test tengok, tak ok jugak.. langsung tak boleh on.
mesin basuh tu takde perasaan.
switch tu kompom ok sbb saya dah test sambung dgn iron, mmg ok.
teringat macamana saya settlekan hal peti ais, saya ingat saya leh bincang alternatif penyelesaian dgn si penjual ni...
so sayapun call la dier
tak angkat
then dier call balik
saya cerita la saya yg beli mesin basuh samsung ..
dier ingat la lagi saya
saya ckp la, lepas test dgn suami dier tu, saya lum pernah guna
bila nak pakai, terus langsung tak boleh on
dier pas hp ke suami dier
saya terangkan balik ayat2 yg sama kat husband dier
sekali belum habis ckp, husband dier menyampuk, "apsal baru ckp sekarang?"
awal2 saya dah kena tembak.

saya ckp la.. sebab ni baru nak guna. aritu lepas beli takde tenant sebulan. skang dah ada tenant, baru nak on dah tak boleh..
dier terus tembak saya lagi
dia ckp,"awak ni.. patutnya dlm masa seminggu awak kena terus guna.. mana boleh sekarang baru nak ckp tak ok la.. tak boleh on la.."
saya pun ckp la baik2.. elok lagi intonasi.. saya ckp dah penyewa tak masuk.. encik pun takde ckp saya kena guna dlm masa seminggu.
dier lak marah saya.. apsal awak tau tahu? semua org tahu kena guna dlm masa seminggu!
dengar dier dok blame saya, saya mmg naik marah la..
saya pertama beli dgn dier kan. dier tak boleh expect saya tahu kalau dier tak terangkan.
by the way, saya beli dgn mr wong, at least dier cuba bantu settlekan masalah.. bukan awal2 lagi dah tembak customer.

saya mmg lepas tu marah la.. saya beli 450.. tak boleh guna sekali pun
skang dier lak sound2 saya dan kata saya ni sajer nak tipu
dier ckp, mana saya tahu awak betul2 tak pernah guna. saya banyak la terima org komplen ckp macam awak..."
saya dgn geram dan marah maksima terus ckp, o.. maknanya encik ni mmg dah biasa la jual barang rosak la ye.. sampai dah ramai komplen. mmg jenis yg jual brang problem lepas tu lepas tangan.
then dier pun apa lagi.. kata saya kurang ajar la.. bla bla bla.. sampai saya letak telefon masa dier tgh membebel

ok, moral of the story, jgn beli barang 2nd hand dr kedai atau or yg anda tak biasa
mereka dengan mudah lepas tgn
kes peti ais td.. at least mereka respon dgn baik dan saya berjaya dpt ganti brg lain.
kes mesin basuh td, kalau dier tak tembak awal2 dan offer technician utk dtg tgk dan baiki pd harga minimal, saya rasa saya dah puas hati dah..
dulu pernah gak beli peti ais dan mesin basuh dgn ismail. peti ais tak sejuk.
at least ismail jawab dgn elok dan paskan no technician dier kat kami supaya kami leh refer.
ni tak.. bla bla bla...

saya bukan nak menghasut atau menjatuhkan bisnes sesiapa
tp ini apa yg saya alami dan saya tak mau ada kawan2 terkena sama
last2 mesin basuh tu saya tolak kat driver lori wong dgn harga rm100
technician wong kata board dan motor rosak.
saya rugi duit tp dpt pengalaman

by the way, mesin basuh yg saya beli sebijik mcm yg kat iklan kat mudah.my ni


How You Can Become a Multi Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Milan Doshi

This article is adopted, with permission, from rohaniahnoor.blogspot.com

"How You Can Become a Multi Millionaire Real Estate Investor"
atau versi BM bertajuk "Bagaimana Anda Boleh Menjadi Jutawan Hartanah Terbilang" by Milan Doshi

Buku ini setebal 321 muka surat, detail dengan pengenalan, tips, panduan dan segala pengiraan berkenaan pelaburan hartanah.
Boleh dikatakan sangat detail.
rasanya kalau anda banyak tak tahu tentang hartanah ni, anda boleh tahu hampir semua teknik dan bagaimana pelaburan ini dilakukan dengan membaca buku ini.
Pengiraan yag diajar memang lengkap. Tidak selengkap yang ada dlm buku azizi ali dan renesial leong sekalipun.

Isi kandungan buku ini meliputi:
- Lets Get started
- what you need to know when buying a property
-legal and tax issues made simple (tapi pening gak kepala nak memahaminya... hehehe)
- Getting the best financing package
-insight into real estate agents and negotiators
- managing your real estate investments
-other crucial issues in property investment

ni tajuk-tajuk besar je.. setiap tajuk besar ada 3 - 9 tajuk kecil.
memang lengkap, jelas dan letih lah membacanya... hehehe
tp soal letih membaca tak sepatutnya jadi masalah kan..
itu sebab diciptanya bookmark.
untuk menanda di mana kita berhenti membaca supaya dapat menyambungnya lain kali.
Itu juga gunanya rak buku.
supaya buku yang disimpan lepas dibaca mudah untuk diambil dan dibaca semula untuk ulangkaji dan pemahaman yang lebih...

tips yg saya paling ingat, kalau nak beli condo atau apartment, jangan sesekali beli unit di tingkat paling atas.
juga, beliau mengatakan mindset terbaik dlm pelaburan hartanah adalah bila dah membeli satu unit yang baik, jangan sesekali menjualnya.
Kenapa? hm.. kena la beli dan baca..

Harga buku rm69.90 tapi saya beli buku ni semasa attend talk milan doshi dlm seminar iProperty tahun lepas dengan harga rm60.
kalau versi BM murah sikit, rm59.90 tapi milan tak bawak versi BM masa tu.


Welcome to PropertyWaltz.com

this is a blog of real estate in Malaysia.
Yes, there are lots of blogs talking about the same topic.. but of course not exactly the same content and stories rite?
why the name of the blog is created to be such this... propertywaltz?

I am a kind of person who loves music so much.
waltz is one of music rythm which is moderate but enchanting me.
i love the beat.
especially the song of 'love' with waltz rythm is the soundtrack album of korean drama "The sad love story"
and few instrumental waltz songs in the soundtrack of korean drama "Spring Waltz"

oh oh.. too obvious that i am a korean drama lover.

i think that, property is a something that actually, if you do it with the correct strategy, it will gives you fun and soothing your financial bottleneck.
But it is not a quick-get-rich scheme... it is a slow, step by step kind of investment..but not too slow that makes you sleeping all the way.

Actually, at first, I am not so sure to pick this name. I told my friend, haruki and asked for her opinion.
She liked the name and said to me "Property Investment is like a dance. It is an experience, a journey where we learn the skills and techniques of mastering the tasks, almost like learning a dance. And because it brings so much joy and will ultimately be the key to the investor's financial freedom, a dance is a good analogy"..
Owh, she referred it to the waltz dance.

At that time, i forgot that waltz is also a kind of dancing...
yes, it is a lovely dancing...
If you dance without the correct skills, you will end up stepping on your partner's foot or even slipping down.
but with the knowledge and the correct skills, you can even dance all the night.. with laughter, fun and feel free.

Falling in love with the analogy, Haruki use propertydance for the name of her new blog, instead.

So i hope all readers will not get confused with these 2 blogs, ya!

We are in the same boat, but we are different person.

Thank you to my dear friends, ctfarazila and firdaus for helping me and giving me idea to find suitable names for this blog too..
thanks so much for your time and few brain cells helping me to think on it.. Thanks yar!

Ok readers, thank you for visiting and reading the first entry of propertywaltz.com
I hope you eager to read more and more from the blog as i am eager to present you more stories then..


This blog is for information and experience sharing. The authors are not responsible for any loss or damages caused by the manipulation and application of information obtained from the blog.


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