Property Millionaire Challenge

Last 3 days are a very meaning ful days to me.. and of course to other 300 people too.
because we are so lucky that among the universe, we are picked to attend the 3 days Property Millionaire Challenge Seminars, including my friends, fara, firdaus dan shariza!
i am so lucky i was handpicked by Michael tan to be one of the 12 contestants for the challenge.

In the 3 days, we had a chance to be trained by the great taikos of Michael Tan, Juanita Chin, Dr Peter Yee, Ho Chin Soon, Nancy Ng and Gavin Tee...
Lots and lots of their secret revealed.
I remembered asking question in public to the panels..
i remembered having lunch time ( but i dont eat la.. puasa..) with dr peter yee and talked to him personally
i remembered the great goals we shared together in my group
i remembered the precious time i had with fara, firdaus and shariza along the way
i remembered the declarations we share and said it out loud
i remembered the interview sessions that made me blank talking in front of 2 cameras and big light.
we had a great hu ha!
we had a great woosh!
we had a great flipper or keeper game.
and I know my mindset has changed, my technique will change and we will achieve every single things in our goals together.

i can't write a lot actually about the seminar because it was so great that makes me speechless.
one think for sure, for all my new property-millionaires-to be, i love you all!
lets do it together!

for Michael Tan, Juanita Chin, Dr Peter Yee, Ho Chin Soon, Nancy Ng and Gavin Tee, thanks.. a very very big thanks for the tips and heart you shared.
May Allah repay you with happiness, wealth and wisdom!


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