Domain 3 Neocyber Limited Units

Domain 3 still have limited units for sale.
All bumi discounts which previously full, now still have 5 units available due to the buyer's loan rejected.
So, if you interested to own one unit or planning to top up your domain unit, please start your action asap.
for your indicator, for domain 1 bedroom unit, currently rental is rm900 - 1100. for fully furnished, can go to rm1500.
for domain 3 bedrooms, basic unit rental rate starts from rm1300 - 1400. for fully furnished, the rate starts at rm1750 - rm1950.

Do visit the site or call the salesperson, kenny 0126694319 or hendra 0133954102 for an appointment or enquiry.

The buyer get buyer commission is still available.
Just mention my name as your referral to the salesperson so that once your loan disbursed and i get the comission, we will share it 50-50... meaning rm500 each.

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