azizi ali's testimonial challenge

Today i got another free newsletter from azizi ali.
Thinking that it is a very good opportunity for us, azizi ali fans, i decided to share the email here.

Dear rohaniah,

How would you like to win a FREE audio recording of me talking about ‘Common Financial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?’ If the answer is yes (and I suspect it is!), please read on.

I’m starting a collection of testimonials from happy and satisfied readers of my books, attendees to my seminars and talks, and clients of my services. These testimonials will be used for marketing my products and services.

So if you are one of the above, please write one and send it to me before 10th June 2010. The testimonials must be in the following format:

How exactly you have benefited
Include your full name and job title (if you have a job of course!)
Include your photo (if you are posing with the books, well, that’s even better!)
As a guide, the following are samples of testimonials that I have received:

“Azizi, thank you for writing Millionaires are from a different planet. I now know what I was doing wrong with my finances before. More importantly, I know exactly what I must to do take control of my money.”

Karen Low

“Pertama sekali, saya ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kerana banyak memberi ilmu-ilmu kewangan kepada saya melalui buku-buku dan laporan-laporan yang diterbitkan oleh pihak Tuan. Bagi saya yang baru sahaja bekerja selepas tamat pengajian, ilmu kewangan merupakan satu ilmu yang wajib saya ketahui untuk mengurus dan mengembangkan kewangan saya. Sekali lagi, saya ucapkan jutaan TERIMA KASIH. Untuk pengetahuan pihak Tuan juga, saya kerap membeli buku-buku dan laporan secara online di MillionairesPlanet, dan setakat ini, servis yang diberikan tidak mengecewakan. TAHNIAH!”

And oh ya, the testimonials can be in English or BM.

Please send the testimonial to before 10th June 2010. Once I received it, I will e-mail you a link where you can download a copy of the audio recording.

Thank you for your help.

Hm.. i planned to take part in this challenge.
Even though i will not be selected as the winner (as i am always not so lucky), but the chance to give an honest testimonial on how his books and seminars have changed my life journey is damn great not to be missed.

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