Kepong Sentral Kondo

Walking through the whiteboard to office pantry, i noticed a pamphlet sticked on it.

Flyers? A condo called Kepong Sentral.
hehe.. promotion to government servant ka?

My hand is so 'ringan' so i called the salesman as stated in the flyer.
He said the condo is now ready for occupancy. Already got CF.
There is about 35 units left.
Price started at RM196K actually, but they are willing to markup the s&p price to rm240K so that we can get higher loan. Can have more cash for renovation.
Let say for government servant who may apply for 240K loan, so, we can get the full loan plus extra 44K cash.
But if we want to apply for bank loan, should be no problem too.

Hm.. rm196K for the type B layout, about 962 sqft.
The maintenance fee is rm158 per month.
I have not visit the site yet but he said it is near to Kepong KTM Station.
Less than 5 minute walk.. really?

They are currently organising a roadshow at MidValley untill Sunday.
Their booth is near to McD.
So, if anyone interested, can double check the condo.

They are giving away free 4 air-cond, 1 fridge, 1 tv, 1 kitchen cabinet and 1 car park for those able to secure 90% loan.
If you get less than 90% loan, the electical appliance is not available for you.
What is the justification for the such case? I dont know.
he just said, "sorry don't have.. must get 90% loan."

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