Court decision renders land title worthless

teruknya decision case terbaru ni..
pemegang title tanah takde hak ke atas tanah walaupun pihak kerajaan mengambil tanah tu tidak mengikut prosedur undang2 yg telah ditetapkan di dalam kanun tanah negara?

kawan2, sila baca dan fahamkan kes ini.

PETALING JAYA (April 27, 2010): Your land title may not be worth the paper it is printed on as the Government need not follow procedures in acquiring your property -- this is the consequence of a decision by the Kuala Lumpur High Court is anything to go by.

In the March 11 decision, Justice Datuk Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin ruled in chambers that Ishmael Lim Abdullah had no rights to the property he had been residing on and cultivating for the last 18 years as his land was acquired way back in 1973 – despite Lim being the registered titled owner and the failure of the Gombak Land Office to register the acquisition.

In spite of the Land Office admitting its failure, Justice Alizatul held that it was not mandatory to register the acquisition by endorsing "Form K" (a requirement under the National Land Code).

Form K is a document that basically informs everyone of the acquisition.

Lim's late father had bought the 5,000 sq metre property in Templer’s Park in 1975 without any encumbrances and bequeathed the land to him in 1992. Like his father before him, Lim had been paying quit rent and even charged the property to a bank for a loan in 1993.

However, on March 9, 2005, the Gombak Land Office issued an eviction notice on Lim saying his land, along with 12 other plots had been acquired for an armed forces training school.

Five searches done between 1993 and 2005 confirmed Lim as the registered owner of the property, with no indication that the land was acquired nor of any encumbrances.

Lim proceeded to take the Federal Land Commissioner and the Gombak Land Office to court on April 7, 2005 to challenge an eviction notice.

The High Court, then under Justice Wan Arfah Wan Ibrahim, ruled in his favour, keeping things at status quo until Lim and the land administrators sort out the land issues.

In spite of this order, the Land Office proceeded to cancel Lim’s ownership of the land – a clear act of contempt.

This prompted Lim’s current action to reinstate his status as the registered owner, to challenge the eviction and to seek costs.

However, according to legal notes, Justice Alizatul ruled that as the acquisition was indefeasible, Lim had no claim to the land, and the acquisition predates his or his father’s ownership to the property.

The defendants had relied on the Land Acquisition Act 1960 which gives powers to the State to acquire property.

Moreover, the compensation to Lim will be based on the value of the land in 1973 – RM6,187.50! Although Lim claims realtors valued his property at RM1.23 million.

The defendants argued that the acquisition was done on April 10, 1973, hence the transfer of the property to Lim’s father (Lim Yew Kay) on Oct 24, 1975 and thence to Lim on Dec 10, 1992 was void.

They also claimed that the compensation for acquisition was paid to the courts on March 11, 1974.

The defendants also claimed that notices were sent to the original owner of the land, Lim Cheng Kim, in 1974.

Lim’s lawyers argued that the defendants had not played fair, stating that they had not contested the April 7, 2005 injunction and in fact had notified the court then that they wished to resolve the matter amicably.

This, they argued had "lulled Lim into a false sense of security for two years", where they filed an affidavit in 2007 to challenge his claim as well as his proprietary rights.

Justice Alizatul dismissed this argument.

Lim is appealing the decision under a certificate of urgency to expedite the hearing as he lives on and earns his living from the land. -- theSun

Rohaniah Noor

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