arabian bay resort, bukit gambang

just a fast preview.

bukit gambang in kuantan is now selling units for arabian bay resort.
located just before the carribbean bay suites that already completed.
there are 2 layout. 2 bedrooms and studio unit.
the 2 bedrooms's price is about rm18%k before discount.
the studio price is rm139K before discount.
there willbe rm5k rebate and 5% bumi discount.
so, for bumi, the studio unit's price will start at rm121K after the discounts

the guaranteed rental return for 2 bedrooms is rm1k while rm680 for
studio units.
the leaseback contract if for 5 years. no option to self-managing it
for the first 5 years.

it is leasehold, but i am not sure when the date of the leasehold expired.

i went to the place and spent a day at the waterpark last december.
there was very big crowd.
looked like the water park management did not ready or expect to accept that big crowd.
need to queue for 1 hour to get the entry tickets.
toilets and showers for changing clothes are full
even floaters for rent also out of stock.

but the experience there, despite the congested and long queue, was great.
lots of pahangeese (is that term rite?) and kelantaneese coming there..

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