Domain and domain 2 referral

For those buyers of Domain,

Please inform me through email or phone if your loan has been fully disbursed and you already got the key.
Because only at that moment i can contact the salesperson to claim the commission.

if you have inform me to use me as referral but then you cancel the booking, please let me know too.
this is for my housekeeping.

For Domain 2 buyers,
please check whether your loan has been disbursed the first 10% payment to the developer.
if so, please let me know.
because only after that i can claim the commission.
For Mrs Ayu and Christina, may i have the salesperson name with whom you place the booking?

Up untill now, i already claim for 3 buyers of Domain but none of the check released.
i see that the developers are too slow to process it.
For the case of mr raymond, Kenny told me that since there are 2 salesperson dealing with the buyer, there are arguments between them on the claim signing process.

even for my purchase, as i am using arlina as my referral, she still do not receive the check even though i already got my key at the end of sept 2009.

so, on last thursday, what i do is, instead of just calling the salesperson, i wrote a letter stated that i claim the commission for these 3 person to mr bernard, the sales manager.

hope to hear good news after this.


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