No more interest rate war!

Bank which already follow standard rate set by Bank negara are as follows:
Hong Leong = BLR - 1.8
CIMB = BLR - 1.8
Alliance - BLR - 1.8
and some other bank i have not surveyed.
This standard rate comes with non-zero moving cost. no more zero moving cost.
You need to pay the legal fee of the loan agreement and matters.

However, there are still banks offering the old rate, fighting to be exempted or delay of enforcement of the standard rate.
Some of them are:
Eoncap Islamic: BFR - 2.3
Public Bank BFR -
Maybank Islamic BFR - 1.9

This is just a few banks which offered housing loan to my friends and blog readers recently.
It is just for you to glance trough. It is not the real representation from the bank.
for confirmation or more info, please contact the respective bankers.

hm.. the standardization of home loan interest rate, plus the reintroduction of RPGT without time limit..
what will happen to next year's real estate industry?
can we eliminate all the speculators?
is it really welcome genuine home buyers?
can it entice first time house buyers, especially those from lower income with smaller budget?
can it play a part in boosting the national economy or otherwise?
let us see..

i am of personal opinion that the old RPGT is better, in case the implementation is really necessary at this period of time..

Affin Bank offers BLR - 2.1 untill the end of this year.
Alrajhi also still do not follow the standard rate but i do not get the actuall rate they offerd becasue it varies depending on the amount of loan.
IF you interested with eonbank, affin bank or alrajhi, can contact me because i have access to the bankers.

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