domain 2 @ neocyber lauching

Latest updates i got from Kenny, the developer's salesperson.
There will be launching on Domain 2 @ Neocyber this 23 October 2009, Friday.

There are 3 types:
- studio 601 sqft
-studio 698 sqft.
- 2 bedrooms: 801 sqft.

For the studio unit, the price starts at RM183K (601 sqft) and rm223K (698sqft), before discount of 7% for Bumi AND RM 3K rebate. The price for 698 sqft is a litlle bit higher because all units are corner lot.
For the 2-bedrooms unit, the price starts at RM234K, before discount of 7% Bumi AND RM4K rebate.

However, if u interested, u can place your booking now. Dont wait untill launching. the earlier you book, the more choice you have.
Also, There will be buyer get buyer commission for the 1st 30 units. RM 1K for each unit sold.
If you put my name as referral, i will share with you the commission 50-50.
so, each will get rm500.
fair, rite?
Ok, any enquiry, just call Kenny at 0126694319 or email me.

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