updates on domain @neocyber

salam ramadhan..
tomorrow all muslims will undergo the fasting month.
tarawikh starts tonight.

i just want to update all of u on domain @ neocyber.
the number of available units at the domain is now only 9.
four of my blog readers interested with the projects and book their own unit using me as the referral.
the 50-50 commission is as agreed by both parties.

all the 9 units are units with ready tenancy.
tenanted at 1350 per month. empty, but equipped with 2 water heater. and the basic grill and lights. 3% discount.
no more unit without tenancy. sold out.
the last unit of without tenancy has been booked by my blog reader, H on this evening.
then, no more..
all are with tenancy.
u just book, sign s&p, apply loan, sign loan agreement, loan disbursed and then the tenancy agreement will be transferred to you.
no headache of looking for tenants. no empty house lapse.
after the agreement expired which is 1 year fro the date of tenancy, it is up to you wheteher want to renew the tenancy, increase the rental rate ( if the tenancy want la..) or whatever.

AND.. one more good news, the buyer get buyer commission has been increased from 1k to 2k.
meaning that, if u book one unit and mention me as your referral, we will share 50-50 of the rm2k.
everyone will get rm1k.
it is fair rite..

even the price is about rm305 per sq ft, it is a good buy.
still can untung lor..

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