Alam Prima

If you are using Elite highway to go to Shah Alam and take the Batu Tiga exit or in other name, it is called as Ebor exit, u will notice there are one apartment almost completed in your left side.
Just after Petronas but before Subang Andaman show house.
It is clearly stated in the big advertisement on the building as Alam Prima.

Alam Prima is actually an apartment from SPNB.
It is freehold.
It has 4 different layout.
Type A - 850 sqft
type B - 771 sqft
type C - 1725 sqft
type D - 1621 sqft

You can read the information on Alam Prima from here.

Also, there are bloggers who has done review on it.

so,lots of review available that you can read.

Actually, i learned about this apartment when i was visiting MAPEX last year at Mid Valley.
at that time, the price is only started at RM 130K.
currently, if not because of the big advertisement on the building, i am surely think that the apartment is sold out due to its low price.

Thus, when i and my two other blogger friends discuss on Apartment Persanda 2 and Alam Prime on blog, i am so enticed to get more information on this property.
so, i called the hp number stated in the big advertisement.
it is the hp number of mr rain, its salesperson.

mr rain told me that the apartment will have 16 floors altogather.
435 units.
There are actually more than 10 units still available to be grabbed.
the lowest price available is around rm155K which translated to rm182 psqft.
the maintenance is cheap. only rm 0.14 psqft
meaning that, for 850 sqft unit, the maintenance will be rm119.00
and for the smaller unit of 771 sqft, it will be around rm 107.00
all unit will come with free 2 car parks.

i also asked him about the 2nd phase of alam prima.
he said that the 2nd phase is expected to be launched somewhere on January 2010.
the unit will start at 904 sqft, slightly bigger than type A and type B of the 1st phase.
the price is expected to start from rm165k which translated to rm182 psqft too.
the maintenance charge is going to be at the same rate.
also freehold.

there will be 18 floors altogether.
there will be 646 unit for alam prima phase 2 including shop lots.
for me, it will be high density
it is just lucky that all unit will also be given 2 free car park.

Mr rain told me that msu is actually willing to buy all unit in 3rd floors of alam prima phase 1 to be converted to their student's hostel.
but pkns don't want to sell to avoid buyers become upset.
they want to keep the apartment comfortable enough for families.

the current rental asking price around there starts from rm650 for an empty unit
and it can fetch rm1200 for a fully furnished one.
to book your unit, we need to pay rm500.
the price we get is the price after all discount
so, if you get 90% loan, when you sign the s&p, you need to pay the rest of 10% minus the rm500 you paid before during the booking.

if you interested to visit the show house, mr rain wants us to call him first for an appointment.
he can be contacted at 019-2094889

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