typical dilemma

have you come across a situation whereby
u found one property really attract you
meet all the pros you want
and your gut feeling said, this is the one
but suddenly
when you nearly place the booking
or just after you place a booking
another property come
with the same pros
but maybe from different block
or different location
or from the same project but just different unit?
what will u do?
pick only one your gut says is the best?
or pick the one with the most discount and freebies?
or buy both of them?
or none?
(the second last option is only available if you have big capital.. otherwise, no hope la..hehe)

i experienced it once.
i booked one townhouse
but the day after, i found a sub sale unit of long-awaited apartment
cannot afford two purchase at the same time
(i always think i can afford, but it's bank's valuation of my loan affordability that matters..)
so, i picked the apartment
luckily the booking fee is refundable.

and now, i experience it again..

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