Flora damansara's electricity cut

i am so surprised to read an article from yesterday's NST (2 june 2009)
"One pain after another for Flora Damansara residents"

The article reported that on 1 June 2009, the electricity supply for Block H Flora Damansara has been cut due to the management failed to pay the outstanding bill of rm700k.
rm97k of the billing is contributed from the block itself.

what most shocking me that the utility disturbance is not the first time.
somewhere in march this year, the water supply has been cut by syabas.
there was unpaid outstanding bill amount of rm400k.
how much water they have been using unpaid until reach this amount!
at that time, the management company was allied group properties.
the failure then caused the management company to be replaced by the current one.
but the water cut still happen a couple of days ago
it is reconnected when the new management company paid part of the payment, a sum of rm135k.

Thinking of Flora damansara was in my wish list,
(i almost put my bid on one of auction units last month)
it shows that i do not make enough research yet..
i do not want to own a house whose the management are bad.
i wish i won't.

and i hope this kind of situation will never happens to any apartments.
the paying residents are innocent to be the victims.

for owners and tenants, pay your bills.
for maintenance company, do your job.
otherwise, the property will depreciate in value and everybody will suffer.

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