bijak wang- episode 2

do u watch bijak wang this evening?
mee too!
i think azizi ali is the star.
he contributes a lot to the rating.
i remembered last time when ntv7 aired a same kind programme called as Money & You, the rating and the popularity is far lower.

ok, today's topic is about children education fund.
since higher education is so important and essential that no children (especially parents) don't want to miss it, fund to support the education is so crucial.
we cannot guarantee that MARA, JPA or PTPTN loan will still be available for the next 18 years, rite? If it is so, how many student are so lucky to receive ones?
so, start from the day of your children born, parents need to open up the fund and start putting money into it.
there is even a case study today.. where the couple save 10% of their salary to their children education fund.

anyway, 30 minutes is so short.
i also of the opinion that azizi should be given a chance to give last words before the programmes ends.
He is the star, u know!
He is the expert.. let him conclude the topic in a single sentence.
i am sure that tv3 is paying a lot to him..
and he is now considered as celebrity
so, grab this opportunity.

for all readers, don't miss the episodes.. especially if you a novice..
as mee too!

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