vista angkasa - loan repayment due! oh no!

i have not informed my mailing address changes to alrajhi.
now i get the return.
only last week my ex-housemate passed me two letters from alrajhi. One stated that they have reimbursed rm96,630.83 to the chargee bank and rm3,502.02 for my MRTA of the vista angkasa purchasing.
They informed me that the installment from the full amount of loan will effective on 1 February 2009 even though full reimbursement is not be completed. (Some other bank will request you to pay the installment only when they have paid in full..because you only have right to collect the rent when the payment is complete. But, i don't know.. Islamic banking with their 'fair' business concept)...
They also remind me to ensure sufficient payment to my saving account for auto debit before end of month.
I swear to god that i understand the due date of the installment will be on the end of this month.
and i truly believe it and informed my lawyer, shuna.

Until tonight i got an sms from alrajhi reminding me that i have a due payment of my home loan.
erk!! what is it?
reaching home from uitm, i quickly revise those two letters from alrajhi.
owh.. the other one letter is dated on 13/1/2009 stating that my installment will start on 1 Februari 2009..
the sms is correct.. my 1st payment is due.. :(

moral of the story:
1) read letters from your banks / insurance carefully and clearly
2) change mailing address at your bank's and important billing account ASAP the changes happens to ensure important letters receive at your hand on time
3) never believe your ex-housemate will inform you ASAP if any important letters delivered to the house. They might to busy to entertain them.

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